ASA Easy Qs

Targeted treatment.

Easy Qs is a practical and portable device, easy to use and intuitive, particularly suitable for targeted treatment. The Flexa applicators have a flexible shape so they can be adapted to all the body surfaces and maintain magnetic field emission constant and uniform.

Easy Qs generates pulsed magnetic fields at extremely low frequency (ELF – Extremely Low Frequency) and at low intensity, which are able to pass through the body, acting on all tissues (muscle, bone, nerve, epithelial, etc.). Effective even in depth, they are not invasive and do not cause pain.


Flexa Applicators

The supplied Flexa applicators allow administering the fields perpendicularly to the application surfaces and can be activated with a vibration effect should this please the patient.


Easy Qs Generator

The pre-set treatment programs allow the operator to customise the emission parameters according to the disease and the clinical phase of the patient.


Technical features:

1 channel with 2 outputs for connecting the Flexa applicators

Frequency from 0.5 to 100 Hz

Magnetic field intensity variable from 5 to 100%

Treatment time from 1 to 99 min or continuous

Pre-set, adjustable, saveable programmes

Backlit LCD

Membrane keyboard



Therapy start and therapy end acoustic signal

Language option

Machine status signals and alarms



Carry Bag



Generator: 28 x 38 x 13 (W X D X H) cm – 3 kg

Flexa Applicator: 36 x 21 x 2 cm (W x D x H) cm – 1,2 kg



Unit carrying trolley – 63 x 54 x 85 (H) cm – 17 kg

Portable solenoid Ø 30 cm – depth 22 cm – 6,5 Kg

Portable solenoid Ø 50 cm – depth 35 cm – 11,5 Kg



100/240V±10% 50/60Hz 45-175VA max.


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