ASA Hilterapia® HIRO 3.0 Laser

Unique peak power.

In addition to treating oedema and muscle pain with great efficacy, obtaining an antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect even in depth, HIRO 3.0 is able to promote reparative and regenerative processes to allow an effective action on joint and tendon diseases.

Thanks to the specific patented impulse, HIRO 3.0 reaches very high power peaks (3kW) with a Nd:YAG pulsed source (wavelength 1064 nm).
The high intensity obtained (up to 15,000 W/cm2 that even today cannot be reached by other laser technologies), added to high energetic impact, effectively treat even the deepest chronic lesions.
The duration and frequency of the HILT® impulse means that its use is always safe, because it constantly maintains the skin temperature below the thermal damage threshold.


Therapeutic handpiece

Standard handpiece for pain therapy featuring a spacer for the correct energy delivery on the treatment area.
Intensity 15,000 W/cm2


DJD handpiece

DJD handpiece for regenerative therapy, optimizing the HILT® pulse transfer to the tissue. Patented.
Intensity 15,000 W/cm2


  • Laser system employing the patented HILT® pulse
  • High Intensity pulsed Nd:YAG Laser
    – Peak Power (max): 3 kW
    – Intensity (max): 15.000 W/cm²
    – Energy per pulse (max): 350 mj
    – Average power (max): 10,5 w
    – Fluence (max): 1780 mj/ cm²
    – Pulse duration ≤ 100 μs
  • Standard handpiece for pain therapy
  • Patented DJD handpiece for regenerative therapy
  • User interface with graphic backlit color touch screen display with images of human body
  • New operating system Touch 1.0
    – guided protocol for body area treatment
    – protocol for pathology treatment
    – anti-edema protocol
    – standard protocol
  • Programs to modify and save personal parameters
  • Emitted energy calculated automatically according to selected functions


  • Acoustic signal during the therapy
  • Date and time
  • Language option
  • Machine status signals and alarms
  • Emergency stop button for laser emission
  • Laser emission warning light
  • Interlock


  • Nº 2 Laser Safety goggles


  • 30 x 70 x 78 cm


  • 40 Kg


  • 115/230V – 50/60Hz 1840VA


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