ASA MLS® Laser Therapy M8 Laser

Robotized remote treatment.

Thanks to its exclusive MLS® multidiode applicator with 75W Peak Power, M8 provides rapid and automatic delivery of MLS® Laser Therapy.

The movement of the column and arm and rotation of the head in 5 robotized directions, enable perfect positioning on the target area.

The enhanced MLS® pulse results in faster improvement of symptoms with reduced treatment times in “hands-free” mode.


Hands-free in total safety

Once the treatment parameters have been entered, the therapist just needs to supervise the treatment which is performed hands-free at a distance, in total safety. There is no contact between the robotised head and the patient, thus avoiding potential contamination.


Assisting the operator

Therapy protocol and head adjustment parameters are displayed and can be changed via an advanced and user-friendly interface.
The new software offers complete protocols with relevant illustrations to guide the operator during the therapy.


Technical features:

  • Simultaneous management of two independent channels
  • Robotized optical group with 3 MLS® sources with power up to 3.6 W – Peak Power 3 x 75 W
    Target Area ø 5 cm highlighted by high-efficiency red LEDs
  • Handpiece with optical group consisting of MLS® source with power up to 1.2 W – Peak Power 75 W
    Target Area ø 2 cm highlighted by high-efficiency red LEDs
  • High resolution LCD colour touch screen user interface
  • 4 treatment modalities:
    A) pain management
    B) trigger points
    C) anti-edema
    D) biostimulation
  • Possibility to customize every treatment parameters
  • Dedicated area to create and save new customised programmes for each terminal/applicator
  • MLS® modulation in CPW and FPW mode (synchronized emission of Continuous Pulsed Waves and Frequenced Pulsed Waves)
  • Modulation frequency from 1 to 2000 Hz with 1 Hz steps
  • Power level 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Fixed duty cycle at 50% or variable
  • Treatment duration from 1” to 44’59’’ with 1” steps
  • Automatic calculation of the emitted energy according to the set parameters



  • Laser emission warning light
  • Interlock
  • Acoustic signal selectable by operator
  • Date and time
  • Password to operate the device
  • Language option
  • Ready to be connected to the remote Laser emission signaling device



  • Nº 2 Laser Safety Goggles



  • 106 x 43 x 154 cm
  • 43 Kg



  • 100/240Vac 50/60Hz 85/100VA


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