ASA MLS® Laser Therapy Mphi 75.5 Laser

Twice as effective and hands-free. In total safety.

Mphi 75.5 is a further evolution of the MLS® family: the therapeutic effects and application options of the MLS® family are increased thanks to the 75W peak power handpieces and a number of highly specialised distinctive features, such as the conical light guide for laser acupuncture treatments.

The enhanced MLS® pulse results in faster improvement of symptoms with reduced treatment times also in “hands-free” mode thanks to the fixed pointer of the Charlie Orange multidiodic applicator.



1 MLS® source – 75 W Peak Power
Ø2 cm Target Area


Multidiodic applicator Charlie Orange

3 MLS® sources – 3 x 75 W Peak Power
Ø5 cm Target Area


  • Simultaneous management of two independent channels
  • Multidiodic applicator Charlie Orange with optical group composed of 3 MLS® sources power up to 3.6 W – Peak Power 3 x 75 W
    Target Area ø 5 cm highlighted by highefficiency red light LEDs
  • Handpiece with optical group composed of MLS® source power up to 1.2 W – Peak Power 75 W
    Target Area ø 2 cm highlighted by high-efficiency red lights LEDs
  • Laserpuncture terminal
    Target Area of ø 4 mm highlighted by high-efficiency red LED light
  • High resolution LCD color touch screen user interface
  • Possibility to customize every treatment parameters
  • 4 treatment modalities:
    A) specific pathologies
    B) pain management
    C) anti-edema
    D) biostimulation
  • MLS® modulation in CPW and FPW mode (Synchronized emission of Continuous Pulsed Waves and Frequenced Pulsed Waves)
  • Modulation frequency from 1 to 2000 Hz with 1 Hz steps
  • Power level 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Fixed duty cycle at 50% or variable
  • Treatment duration from 1” to 44’59” with 1” steps
  • Automatic calculation of the emitted energy according to the settled parameters



  • Laser emission warning light
  • Interlock
  • Acoustic signal selectable by operator
  • Date and time
  • Password to operate the device
  • Language option
  • Ready to be connected to the remote laser emission signaling device



  • Nº 2 Light Guide for Laserpuncture
  • Nº 2 Laser Safety goggles
  • Unit carrying case
  • Shoulder strap for portable use
  • Table handpiece holder
  • Trolley-Ergonomic trolley designed for holding Mphi, with bumper-protected wheels, a built-in handpiece holder and two storage compartments
  • Arm for Charlie Orange



  • 63 x 54 x 85 cm
  • 25 Kg



  • Lithium polymer battery
  • External power supply 18Vdc.


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