DS Maref DVT-4000S

DVT Prevention system (DVT-4000S)

DVT-4000s is designed to manage and monitor continually the status and progress of DVT prophylaxis in high risk patients, especialty those requiringlong-term prévention at home after leaving hospital as well as pre-operative. The recording fonctions checks and saves the date of use, the hours of use, a type of sleeves used and errors occurred during opération The maintenance program makes it easy to check the product fonctions are operated approphately and keep the quality through full touch screen and buttons. The extenor of the pumphas the full-touch LCD display, high quality finish with IPXO level. III and the rear design to clean easily. The tubing has a connector that is easy to connect to the pump and a flat and intégral body that can be easily cleaned.
Main features
– Optimized operation to prevent DVT
– Large display with 7″ touch screen
– Flat patented tube, specially designed for easy cleaning
– Quiet operating sound (AC motor)
– Simultaneous and sequential compression
– Automatic detection of cuff type and program
– Automatic refill function
– Complies with IPX3
– Visual and acoustic alarm system
– Manual setting mode selectable
– Special design with hanger fix that fits to every type of bed
– Built-in battery-max. 6 to 8 hours of use.
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