Elettronica Pagani DX500

Continuous and pulsed emission modes

Continuous emission mode for using at the best way the available power of the unit until 470 W, particularly for the most complex parts of the body, into the deepest tissues and into the chronic pathologies.

Pulsed emission mode up to 1100 W for avoiding fast assuefation, or reducing the thermal effect, making more important the electromagnetic field, particularly into the acute phases and into the pathologies of muscles and tendons which are near to the radiating part.


Capacitive, Inductive and Resistive modes

The wide range of available accessories along with the high technological solutions, allow the operator to use DX-500 into Capactive, Inductive and Resistive modalities. So, while the most traditional capactive mode permits to get in touch with the deepest tissues for provoking both thermal and electromagnetic effects, inductive mode is mainly used for concentrating electromagnetic field into a certain area, normally using lower thermal effects and making more important electromagnetic stimulation from the soft tissues up to the hardest tissues.

Resistive mode is made by using a small electrode over or close to the interested area to be treated and a greater electrode over a neutral part of the body for concentrating thermal and electromagnetic effects near to the affected area.

Automatic tuning

The advanced electronic automatic tuning device, always grants the most correct coupling between patient and electrodes, in order to perform the most effective energy transfer.


Made for performing one of the most traditional and effective physiotherapy treatment, DX500 is also provided with several special features able to enlarge versatility, effectiveness and quality of each treatment.

From the mechanical point of view, DX500 is made by a very simple and rational shape, for granting simple and comfortable movements: DX500 is provided with the best solutions in terms of electronics and technology for granting reliability and performances.


Technical features:

Power supply: 115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Mobile: Wheeled frame device

Display: Monochromatic

Continuous and pulsed modes: As standard

Frequency: 20 – 200 Hz

Working frequency: 27,12 MHz

Max power: 470 W

Pulse duration: 400 microsec

Tuning: Automatic

Modalities: Capacitive, inductive

Pre-set programs: As standard


Standard accessories:

pair of arms, pair of electrodes 130 mm

pair of rubber electrodes with felts 220×140 mm

elastic straps


On inquiry extras:

Pair of disk electrodes 80 mm

Pair of rubber electrodes with felts 160×120 mm

Large field electrode


Adaptor fpr diplode.


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