Elettronica Pagani HC Biostim

HC BIOSTIM is used for delivering low frequency magnetic fields into the human body. It is provided with 2 outputs and it may deliver a low frequency, adjustable magnetic field from 1 to 200Hz both in continuous and modulated modes. With a maximum power of 100 Gauss available over each applicator, HC BIOSTIM can be connected to a special, ergonomic couch (CMP). The ergonomic couch allows a comfortable placement of the patient, since the biggest solenoid is 80 cm large and also the two available rails permit to move the solenoid for enlarging placement and also for making electromagnetic field smaller or larger depending on the area to be treated. While the two solenoids are on the same place, electromagnetic field becomes stronger.

Making the most out of the enhanced mechanical effect such a high power can provoke: stimulating the bone into fracture repair, pseudo-arthritis, arthritis and several other bone pathologies.

HC BIOSTIM is suitable for treating all the pathologies where electromagnetic fields can be beneficial. The high power along with a wide range of useful frequencies allow the operator to adjust each parameter with reference to the real conditions of the pathology and the patient’s feeling.


Technical features

Outputs: 2

Frequency: 10 to 200 Hz

Emission: static and modulated frequency

Intensity: 100 Gauss (peak) effective over the patient max. 50 Gauss

Display: Graphic and coloured LCD with touch-screen

Pre-set protocols with pictures

Free memories

Standard accessories: pair of applicators with strap


On inquiry:

Ergonomic couch with two solenoids for partial and total body applications

Ergonomic couch with single solenoid

Solenoid 30 cm large for lower and upper limbs

Wheeled frame with boxes.


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