Elettronica Pagani Opera 3-Band

Totally new, the 3-BAND ultrasound therapy device represents the “Excellence” into the ultrasound range belonging to PAGANI. Innovative, modern, provided with solutions capable to ensure the widest versatility in performing applications and whole effectiveness mainly thanks to application of quartz technology, applied in manufacturing ultrasound head.

More expensive and difficult to use than ceramic, which is apply from almost all other competitors into the market, quartz has been chosen from PAGANI for its highest features in terms of stability, performance and longevity that ceramics cannot currently ensure.

This is why, the new 3-BAND device is the leading ultrasound, suitable for those operators who asks for the top quality without any compromise.



Cavitation means a copious mechanical effect caused by ultrasound waves on the patient. All ultrasound therapy devices may produce cavitation but thanks to quartz, 3-BAND is capable to grant a very useful effect which could be applied both into the field of rehabilitation for treating muscular and tendon calcifications over the joints and treating also physioaesthetic pathologies for removing undesired fat cells and improving skin elasticity.

High-efficiency quartz with gold protection for granting top performance

Cavitation effect coming from piezoelectric effect



Frequency: 1 & 3 MHz

Emission: Continuous and Pulsed (25%, 50%, 75%)

Modulation: 1 to 200 Hz

Standard ultrasound head: 1 MHz 5 cm2

Timer max. 30 min

Display: touch-screen colored display

Pre-set programs with body pictures

Therapeutic objectives

Free memories

Maximum intensity: 3 W cm2; 15 W max

Real-time device with visual and acoustic indication of missing coupling between patient’s tissue and ultrasound head


On inquiry:

Ultrasound head 5 cm2 3 MHz

Ultrasound head 1 MHz for static treatments with or without adapter

Trolley mod. R2 with or without drawers

Arm with holder for ultrasound static head


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