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The recent introduction of extra-corporeal shock-waves therapy changed the general approach to several pathologies of musculoskeletal system. EXPERT is particularly effective into the treatment of tendons, muscles where a poor vascularization of the joint is present; it is also successfully applied over the treatment of calcifications.

Very good effects have been demonstrated into the improvement of elasticity of the superficial tissues, where it seems to improve aesthetic and collagen stimulation and it is capable to reduce oedema and cellulite.

Patented shock-waves applicators “LARGE-FOCUS” shock-waves applicator developed from PAGANI is capable to generate and transfer mid and high energy density shock-waves into the different cellular layers, by respecting the patient’s comfort. This special feature allows the operator to perform every treatment without any special collateral effect and without provoking pain to the patient. The special “LARGE FOCUS” probe is using a wide range of energy levels for transmitting the proper energy to the different cellular layers.


Solutions that combine versatility and efficiency

The new extra-corporeal shockwaves device mod. EXPERT belonging to the re-designed R2 Opera Design is provided with innovative functions and software solutions which are the result of more than ten years’ experience and meet the best requirements in terms of versatility and effectiveness. On this purposes, EXPERT is provided with the new comfortable hand-piece with controls on board for setting pressure and switching the unit on and off; also the arm with the relevant holder for the above mentioned hand-piece may grant more comfortable applications for making each application easier; last but not least the innovative software is very simple and intuitive allowing the operator to perform every treatment with care.

Furthermore, EXPERT is offering manual setting, a wide range of pre-set programs with body pictures, free memories and the new therapeutic objectives for treating symptoms and phases where it is useful to use extra corporeal shock waves.


Always well up to your best expectations

The clinical introduction of extracorporeal shock waves has proved to be of great interest in musculoskeletal pathology in three specific areas of application:

  1. a) in restoring bone repair processes where there is a delay in consolidation or evident pseudoarthrosis;
  2. B) in the case of fibrotic and / or calcific muscle lesions such as tearing and crushing or

cutting injuries;

  1. C) in pathologies of tendons, particularly chronic tendon diseases resistant to

other therapies, with clear and circumscribed anatomic-functional localization.

Further to the experimentation on biological tissues, the conception of physical effect of shock waves in destroying calcifications has been jumped, since it became more interesting to stimulate neovascular localized activity for re-activating cellular action.



Dimensions:  cm 40 x 30 x 90 h

Display: Graphic and coloured LCD with touch screen

Pre-set protocols with body pictures

Free memories for customized protocols

Max. 5 Bar electropneumatic device

Emission mode: “Large Focus and “Unfocused”

Max. penetration of focus: around 55 mm

Max. penetration of shock-waves: around 70 mm

Power supply: 115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Arm with hand-piece holder: on inquiry

Electro-pneumatic system: “oil free”type

Max pressure: 8 bar

Working pressure: 5 bar

Frequency: 1 – 15 Hz

Enlargeable frequency to 22 Hz: On inquiry

Target functions: Yes

Interactive functions: Suggesting useful treatments

Hand-piece with keyboards on board : Yes

Applicator LARGE FOCUS Ø. 36 mm : As standard

Applicator CONTROLLED UNFOCUSED Ø 30 mm : As standard.


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