Elettronica Pagani Opera Fiber Laser

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Against pain and inflammation, accelerates local metabolism. The 1064nm wavelength is included in into the universally defined best “laser therapeutic window”, in which the transmission occurs both on the superficial tissues and on the deeper tissues, involving muscles, tendons and bones.

HEALTH represents one of the new high energy advanced laser therapy devices and it is provided with the most innovative approach for laser therapy into the field of Physiotherapy. It reaches to the deepest tissues as well as the surface layers successfully and provokes warm effects and grants bio-stimulation for performing both non-thermal and thermal applications depending to the pathology.

Laser beam coming from HEALTH is capable of provoking simultaneously photo-physic, photo-chemical, photo-thermal and photo-mechanic effects. Its innovative solid state laser sources, ensure better endurance and performances than the crystal and dust used in most traditional ND: YAG lasers.

Widely used for treatments of acute pathologies in sport medicine and also in treating several chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis. The continuous, pulsed and super pulsed emission modes offered in these devices, broaden the therapeutic possibilities available for the medical professional. Available in two options of power at the source: FIBER X5Y with 6W at the source and FIBER YAG with 15W.




Power supply: 115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Dimensions: cm 40x30x25

Automatic calculation of energy density and application time

Coloured LCD    

Pointer Encoder: Touch-screen

Continuous, pulsed and super pulsed modes: Yes, as standard

Modulation: 1 to 250 Hz Emission: continuous / pulsed / super pulsed

Pre-set programs with body pictures

Free memories for customized protocols

Therapeutic objectives

Laser Source: 1064 nm

Visible wavelength 650 nm

Power at the source: 6 W or 15W

Pre-set programs with body pictures: Yes, as standard

Free memories: Yes, as standard

20 and 60 mm large radiators: As standard

Protective goggles: Yes, one as standard


On inquiry extras:

120 mm large radiator

Autobilanced arm with holder for radiator 120 mm

Roland 2 trolley with boxes

Roland 2 trolley without boxes

Second protective goggles.

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