Elettronica Pagani Physiotecar

PHYSIO THECAR is all you need in tecar therapy, with its evident and unique frequency of 485 KHz, continuous and pulsed emission to also allow working without heat, adjustable power up to 300 W, the capacitive mode for tissues close to the surface and resistive mode for deeper tissues, the temperature sensor to monitor the temperature changes in real time, the control of the resistance of the tissues treated to verify the efficiency of energy transmission, the circuit safety solutions to prevent unpleasant shocks and returns to the patient or operator, the insulation of electrodes and the handpiece to protect the operator from radio frequency.

All this, together with the prerogatives of the entire Roland range with its large colour display, modern soft-touch keypad, attractive and innovative yet compact design to meet the needs in both outpatient and home-based settings, make PHYSIO THECAR one of the most effective and functional tecar therapy devices available on the market, suitable for any operator and for any pathology treatable by using tecar therapy.


IP: Interactive Probe

IP is made exclusively by PAGANI to allow a comfortable, safe massage in full compliance with the ergonomic shape of the hand and gesture of the massage.

Anyone can hold the handpiece in a practical and relaxed way to perform an effective massage in complete comfort, with maximum protection from possible dispersed currents and the electromagnetic field.


Technical features:

Power supply: 115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Dimensions: cabinet desk top cm 36x23x23 h

Display: coloured

Pointer Encoder + soft touches

Capacitive / Resistive: Yes, as standard

Continuous and pulsed emission modes: Yes

Working frequency: 485 KHz +/- 10 Hz

Power max: 300 W

Impedance on real-time: Yes

Temperature sensor: Yes

Hand-piece: Interactive Probe

Electrodes: Res/Cap, 30, 60 mm

Cream 1 Kg: Yes, as standard

On inquiry extras:

Roland trolley

Handpiece with 30 mm Bipolar electrode

60 mm electrode for Bipolar hand-piece

Portable case.


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