Elettronica Pagani Tower TRC

Naturally innovative, TOWER TRC offers pioneering solutions allowing you to get the best from each treatment. Power could be widely adjustable up to 120 Watts, capacitive and resistive modalities could be changed thanks to an electronic selection avoiding to change electrode.

Interactive Probe with Dynamic Energy Transfer is allowing energy transmission to the patient with reference to temperature and impedance modifications and Magnetic Coupling System is the special system assuring coupling between electrode and hand-piece without any connector. Last but not least, the therapeutic programs, free memories for your own programs


Interactive Probe: technology offers new limits!

Every physiotherapist may handle the hand-piece with full comfort and safety, for doing relaxed massage with proper insulation from emc.

MCS: Magnetic Coupling System is granting very fast and comfort coupling between electrode and handpiece.


* With a simple movement any TOWER device changes unit and converts to any other device in the TOWER series: 2-channel electrotherapy (model 2STIM), 4-channel electrotherapy (model 4STIM), Ultrasound 1 & 3 MHz ( model SOUND), Magnetotherapy (model MAG), Laser (model LIGHT), Tecar (model TRC).



Technical features:

Power supply: 115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Dimensions: cabinet desk top cm 21x30x25

Display: coloured

Pointer: Soft touches

Capacitive / Resistive: Yes, as standard

Continuous and pulsed emission modes: Yes

Working frequency: 485 KHz +/- 10 Hz

Power max: 120 W

Impedance on real-time: Yes

Temperature sensor: Yes

Hand-piece: Interactive Probe

Electrodes: Res/Cap 30 e 60 mm

Cream 1 Kg: Yes, as standard


On inquiry extras:

Roland trolley

Handpiece with 30 mm Bipolar electrode

60 mm electrode for Bipolar hand-piece

Portable case.


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