Enraf – Nonius Myomed 134 – Version II

Biofeedback is a training technique that teaches patients how to improve their health and physical performance by responding to signals from their own body. Over the years the use of EMG recording has increased, especially for the relatively ‘new’ indications such as pelvic floor disorders and RSI prevention in VDU users. Surface electromyography is another excellent addition to the armoury of the physiotherapist in general practice.

With the the Myomed 134, Enraf-Nonius has made it possible to use biofeedback in combination with electrotherapy. The Myomed 134 acts like a ‘stethoscope for the muscles’ by showing how the patient is responding to the physiotherapist´s instructions and corrective tips. The Myomed 134 gives you an especially accurate source of information that shows the precise effects of your physiotherapeutic procedures.

Biofeedback, whether or not used in combination with electrotherapy, is an effective form of therapy which has been developed as a successful alternative to surgery. It has proven to be especially successful at improving the quality of life and a feeling of freedom of incontinence patients. Being a non-invasive treatment, it’s also extremely suitable for use with the elderly.


Thanks to its compact size and use of batteries, the Myomed 134 can be used for both measurement and exercise on any location.

A complete device for EMG feedback, pressure feedback and electrotherapy (2-channel EMG, 2-channel TENS, 1-channel pressure feedback) battery- powered, so can be used ambulatory, both for diagnosis and treatment. It is easy for patients to operate, with a wide measurement range (0.28 µV – 150 mV) allows measurement of both large and small muscles.



  • Snap-connector, 2 mm female, 3 pcs
  • Batterypack for Myomed 134
  • Cable for reference electrode for EMG
  • Multilingual CD with operating manual Myomed 134
  • Set of 8 pcs. adhesive electrodes for stimulation & EMG(1)
  • Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plug – black with coloured clips
  • Adapter ENA 1524 100-240V
  • Mains cable 230V – EUR



EMG channels: 2

EMG sensibility: 0,28 µV–300 mV

Pressure channels: 1

Pressure sensibility: 0-400 cm hPa

Current type: symmetrical biphasic current

Phase duration: 10-500 µs

Amplitude: 0 – 80 mA

Mains voltage: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

Output: 15 VDC/1,6 A

Weight: 0,96 kg.


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