Enraf – Nonius Radarmed 650 & 950

The Radarmed 650+ and 950+ are units for continuous and pulsed microwave therapy with a frequency of 2450 MHz (12 cm waves). The options for dosage are based on the warmth sensation of the patient. This is considered a big advantage and also makes microwave a safe therapy. Microwave therapy is simple to apply thanks to the unipolar application. The radiator makes no contact with the patient and is simple, safe and hygienic to apply.


Continuous or pulsed output

Effortless transition between continuous and pulsed therapy

The parameters are conveniently arranged on the illuminated display.

The parameter settings remain visible on the display during treatment.

Free memory for the storage of treatment protocols (only on Radarmed 950+).



Unit for continuous and pulsed microwave therapy. Dosage and treatment time are digitally displayed on screen. They are easy to set with the push buttons.



Like the Radarmed 650+, but with LCD-screen. User-friendliness and functionality are essential. The parameters are conveniently arranged on the illuminated display. The parameters are easily and swiftly installed by means of the central control and push buttons. Besides, treatment protocols can be saved.


Technical specifications:


Operating modes: continuous and pulsed

Frequency: 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz

HF power, continuous: 0-250 W at 50 Ohm

HF power, pulsed: 0-250 W with a fixed peak power of 1500 W, ± 30%

Programmable positions: only with the Radarmed 950+

Mains voltage: 220-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

Power consumption: 1000 VA

Weight: 45 kg (including arm)

Dimensions: 93x39x49 cm (hxwxd, including castors).


Standard accessories:

Operating manual Radarmed 650+/950+(1)

Mains cable 230V-EUR

HF-cable 250 Watt, for Radarmed

Arm for radiator of the Radarmed.


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