Enraf Nonius Sonopuls 190

25 EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOLS: Provided with 25 evidence based treatment protocols, including anatomical representations and clear guidelines for treatment.

PROGRAMMABLE:  Besides the 25 evidence based protocols you can also store 20 protocols according to your own guidelines.

EXTREMELY QUICK START-UP: Start the unit and it is ready for immediate use. No start-up delay, no operating system to load but instant availability of the full functionality of the unit.

CRYSTAL CLEAR TFT COLOUR SCREEN: A crystal clear and scratch resistant screen that allows full visibility on all parameters from all viewing angles.

TOUCH SCREEN USER INTERFACE: Easy to use by means of a clear menu via a touch screen interface. Extremely intuitive and as easy as a state-of-the-art smart phone.

PROGRAMMED FOR SPEED: The menu structure is optimized to speed. In most cases you can start a pathology-specific treatment in just 3 steps! Easy, quick and simple.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The treatment head is made to fit your hand comfortably. A design completely based on functionality and user friendliness.

CONTACT CONTROL: A 360 degrees light ring for contact control. A clear indication of the effective transfer of energy that enables you to conduct the therapy as efficient as possible.

2 TREATMENT HEADS POSSIBLE: You can connect both the small 0,8 cm2 as well as the large 5 cm2 ultrasound treatment head in order to quickly change heads.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Sounds as a paradox for a unit which primary goal is to transfer energy to the human body. Due to smart energy saving modes no waste is generated when the device is in rest-mode.

COMPACT AND STYLISH: An extremely compact device, small and light-weight for easy transportation. At the same time stylish and beautiful, a device that is worth-while showing!

BY ENRAF-NONIUS: SAFE, RELIABLE AND DURABLE: An Enraf-Nonius device, the worldwide supplier for physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. Made with special attention to quality, durability and safety.

A TREATMENT HEAD WITH ADDED VALUE: An intelligent treatment head, packed with electronics and covered with a special coating making it smooth and comfortable to use and easy to clean.

ULTRA-FLEXIBLE CABLE: The cable between the unit and the ultrasound head is extremely flexible. This assures ease of use. The cable adapts according to your movements and will never impede any motion of the treatment head.



Ultrasound frequencies: 1 en 3 MHz

Ultrasound: continuous and pulsed

Duty cycles 5, 10, 20, 33, 50, 80%

Pulse rate: 16 Hz, 48 Hz and 100 Hz

Numbers of US connections: 2

Intensity 0-2 W/cm2 continuous, 0-3 W/cm2 pulsed(2)

ERA US treatment: large: 5 cm2 , small 0,8 cm2

ERA StatUS™ applicator: 5 cm2

Pre-programmed protocols: 25 (evidence based) for US &52 (evidence based) for StatUS™ therapy

Free program positions: 20 pcs

TFT touchscreen: 480×272 pixels

Main power: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60Hz)

Dimensions (wxdxh): 21x19x9 cm

Weight: 1152 gr


*At a duty cycle of 80% the maximum output is 2,5 W/cm2.


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