Enraf – Nonius Tensmed S84

The TENSMED S84 is the ultimate choice for professional treatment of pain related disorders and muscle stimulation in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sport, fitness and beauty & aesthetics. With this powerful device you can stimulate up to four large muscle groups or different pain areas at the same time. Or give bilateral treatments simultaneously (for instance left and right m. Quadriceps). The most advanced technology is used to guarantee the most user-friendly and safest use of the stimulator in any treatment situation.

With the TENSMED S84 you can treat chronic pain, patients recovering from a traumatic condition, immobilisation as well as maintain or improve muscle function in healthy individuals using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and NMES (Neuro Muscular Electrostimulation) currents. This makes the device ideal for sport and rehabilitation.

The TENSMED S84 is a 4-channel device with a clearly legible LCD display and easy to operate.

265 PROGRAMS: 13 Rehabilitation, 3 Incontinence, 33 Pain (TENS), 53 Sport, 29 Fitness, 16 Beauty & Aesthetics, 28 Action Now, 27 FES Now (‘3S’), 48 NMES Now, 15 Free programs


PROGRAMS 250 specific preset programs for functional rehabilitation, pain management, sports, fitness and beauty & aesthetics.

EASY PROGRAM MENU rapidly create new TENS and NMES programs or modify existing ones using a great variety of stimulation parameters. The stored ‘Easy programs’ are accessible for all users

SYNCRO-STIM increase/decrease the intensity of all 4 channels simultaneously using only one button

RUN TIME FUNCTION option to adjust treatment time, frequency and pulse width during the treatment

MY TRAINER displays the correct placement of the electrodes

PROGRAMMABLE 15 free memories to create and store your personalized TENS and NMES programs

QUICK MENU fast access and easy navigation to functional Neuromuscular Stimulation programs: ‘Action Now’, ‘FES Now’ and ‘NMES Now’.

ACTION NOW special function that allows you to start a single muscular contraction by pressing a button on the device. Action Now programs are particularly useful to combine and synchronize the electric stimulation with a voluntary action to obtain a greater recruitment of the muscular fibers and to improve coordination.

FES NOW (“3S”) special function for ‘Serial Sequential Stimulation’. FES Now programs are Functional ElectroStimulation programs characterized by a delayed activation of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2. They permit the stimulation of the musculature in a kinetic chain. In the aesthetic field, ‘FES Now’ programs are used for drainage.

NMES NOW fast access to specific muscle stim programs with preset ON/OFF stimulation times (intermittent stimulation)

MULTI-USER up to 10 different users can create and store a library of personalized programs in the ‘Favorites’ and ‘Last-10’ memory LAST 10 automatically stores the last 10 executed programs. ‘Last 10’ programs will remain available for a rapid and easy execution.FAVORITES permits to store up to 15 customized TENS and NMES programs for each user

AUTO STIM execute a program in automatic mode (= without having to regulate the intensity manually). Intensity values are automatically set to the levels used during the last execution of programs listed among the “Last 10” memory.

2+2 MODE allows you to execute two different programs (NMES or TENS) at the same time, thus permitting the simultaneous treatment of two patients or two muscular groups.

WORKING TIME indicates the total time the device has been used for stimulation treatment

BACKLIT DISPLAY the clearly legible LCD display contributes to optimal usability and ease-of-operation

MAINS SUPPLY AND BATTERY OPERATED continue your treatment (using mains power) while charging the battery.

REHABILITATION: Muscle stimulation programs are particularly indicated for the functional recovery after surgical articulation interventions and after immobilization time. Programs included for Vastus Medialis Reinforcement and Recovery after ACL Surgery, Prevention Programs (prevent traumas and injuries), Re-Athletization and Hemiplegia.

INCONTINENCE: Specific programs for the treatment of urological disorders such as stress, urge and mixed incontinence are included in the Rehabilitation section.

PAIN: Eliminate pain with the special pulses of the TENS currents that, stimulating your body in a soft way, enables you to recover your health, wellness and a renovated life enjoyment. With the TENS programs of the TENSMED S84 you can treat acute and chronic pain that is related to musculoskeletal disorders. Programs included for Acute and Chronic Pain, Cervical pain, Lumbago, Periarthritis, Epicondylitis, Sciatica, soft tissue injuries, etc.

SPORT: The TENSMED S84 is programmed in order to selectively stimulate fast and slow fibers to train different muscle qualities. Includes programs for Warm-up, Maximum strength, Endurance strength, Explosive strength, De-contracting (muscle relaxation), Capillarization (increases the blood flow to the muscle and improves endurance and recovery abilities) and Pre- & Post-competition/ training and Active Recovery (reduce muscle fatique after training or competition).

FITNESS, BEAUTY & AESTHETICS: With the TENSMED S84 you can care for your body and defend its vitality and beauty. Use the specific beauty programs to treat skin flaws: improvement of the capillary microcirculation, toning and tissue firming, liquid drainage, increase in metabolism and cellular activities, reduction and mobilization of the fat in the localized deposits (e.g. cellulite, water retention, localized fat). The TENSMED S84 is also ideal for Loss of weight/ Localized lipolysis, Anti-cellulite treatment, Lymphatic drainage and Firming/Toning. The Firming and Toning programs contribute to reduce skin flaws through the general and localized increase in the metabolism.

QUICK NMES (Neuromuscular Electrostimulation): The Quick NMES menu offers 3 ways to stimulate and train muscles (or muscle groups) in the most functional way, using one of the 103 dedicated programs. In just 3 steps you can select one of the following Quick NMES options: ‘Action Now’, ‘FES Now’ or ‘NMES Now’. Fast, easy and functional.

Action Now programs are normal NMES programs with the only difference that you start the contraction manually: after pressing a button of the TENSMES S84. These programs are especially useful to link and synchronize the electrical stimulation to a voluntary contraction. The programs vary from very rapid and brief contractions (typical for explosive movement) to slower and longer contractions (when aiming at hypertrophia).

FES Now (“3S”) programs are characterized by an activation delay of the channels 3 and 4 compared with the channels 1 and 2. These programs permit to stimulate the musculature in a kinetic chain thanks to the differentiated activation times of the muscular groups involved. In the aesthetic field, the 3S programs allow to create a real sequential drainage. The rhythmic stimulation of the musculature causes an increase in the speed of the venous circulation (hematic flow) and lymphatic circulation (lymphatic flow).

NMES Now offers fast access to specific muscle stim programs with a preset ON/OFF stimulation time. There is an alternation between working time and rest time (active and passive). For example, 6 seconds of contraction and 10 of recovery. During the time of recovery, there is also the possibility to raise the intensity of current in order to execute a cool-down active recovery during the rest.



  • Carrying bag
  • 4 Cables for electrode connection
  • 4 Self-adhesive square electrodes (50x50mm)
  • 4 Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes (50x90mm)
  • Charger
  • User manual


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