MFT Balance sensor sit ball

Bluetooth-enabled elastic ball belt with MFT’s balance sensor and MFT’s Bodyteamwork app. The digital back workout while sitting. The ideal training zone for the whole family.

How It Works

The elastic band measures 140cm x 8cm. Place the belt on 55cm – 75cm exercise and yoga balls. Connect the Balance Sensor Sit Ball to your mobile / tablet / computer via Bluetooth and use the exercises and games in the “Bodyteamwork” app. Practice, play and compare results.

The application of MFT includes:

3-level training program (scientifically evaluated training programs at three performance levels). 6 healthy living training games (for playful motivation). 3-level balance function (warm-up and balance check)

Advantages – benefits

It strengthens and heals your back and keeps your spine healthy. Next generation e-balance training while sitting on the ball. Smart training and strengthening of the back and pelvis with instant real-time success control. The compelling combination of strength, activation and coordination/balance exercises perfectly complements the sitting ball workout.

Where is it used and for whom:

Home, personal training, gyms, physiotherapy, rehabilitation centers. Children, youth, adults, seniors.


Intensity Daily 10-15 minutes of sitting ball training under the guidance of the MFT Bodyteamwork app is enough to already have positive results.


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