Motomed Reck LOOP series

The MOTOmed loop impresses with its unique digital intelligence and its visual appearance. Almost all models can be upgraded in terms of equipment and functionality by means of an Upgrade Bundle. The MOTOmed loop also features its unique height adjustment, with which users can adjust the height of their MOTOmed models without tools, as well as the quick and easy switch from arm to leg training. In addition, the high-quality material of the softly rounded surfaces of the MOTOmed next generation meets the high demands of hygiene management in facilities and clinics.

This also convinced the internationally renowned jury of the German Design Award 2019 that awarded the MOTOmed loop the “Special Mention” award.

Change of Training per touch

Change of training made easy: The change from arm to leg training at the MOTOmed is controlled directly on the display. The MOTOmed reacts digitally per touch and switches the training mode automatically. The new 7’’ big color touch display can be operated easily and intuitively and offers intelligent functions of innovative form. Naturally, the display is suitable for wipe disinfection.

Therapy programs

Games and videos



Foot insertion aid

In order to easily insert and fasten the feet into the safety foot shells you can position the pedals into the desired position by pushing the respective button on the control panel. This function also facilitates the removal of the feet from the foot shells at the end of each training session.


In case of spasticity, muscle cramping or any sort of movement blockage, the MOTOmed MovementProtector will stop the pedal movement. Special characteristic about this safety feature: The MovementProtector does not remain in a constant mode but adjusts to the changing muscle tension. Therefore, it is always optimally sensitive.


The SpasmControl with the automatic change in cycling direction helps loosening spasms according to the following therapeutic principle: A bending spasm is relieved by stretching, while a stretching spasm is eased by bending. The motor stops the pedal movement. Legs and arms are relieved and the direction of rotation is switched after a brief resting period. This process is repeated until the cramping is eased.


Similar to a power steered vehicle, the MOTOmed feature ServoCycling supports the user during active training. This function enables, even people with minimal muscle strength, to train actively without overstraining. The feature supports the maintenance and improvement of residual muscle strength.


The MOTOmed function SymmetryTraining is beneficial when aiming to targetedly train the weaker side of the body. Depending on the model, the depiction of this function may vary. In MOTOmed viva2 models, a two-scale diagram shows the user how much strength they exert with the left and the right body half. The MOTOmed muvi depicts this function with an animated figure. This way the user can targetly train the weaker side. SymmetryTraining also counteracts overstraining of healthy limbs.

Training analysis

The training data analysis will motivate you to engage in a regular MOTOmed movement. You can view all important training values (e.g. symmetry, performance, speed, distance and time) during the entire training session on the MOTOmed color display. With the completion of the training, the overview of all available 36 values is displayed. The MOTOmed viva2 stores the ”previous training ” along with other training data that is compiled in an overall analysis. These values can be retrieved any time.



Plastic-coated safety foot shells with Velcro fastening

Soft Grip handles

Height adjustment of leg or arm/upper body trainer can be adjusted without tools.

Pedal axle of the leg trainer is height adjustable from 30 cm to 45 cm.

Pedal axle of the arm trainer is height adjustable from 90 cm to 105 cm.

Color touch display (7″), retractable and inclinable.

Stable metal construction, high quality and stable.

2-stage pedal radius adjustment (7 cm or 12.5 cm).

Closed plastic body (PC/ABS), easy to clean and disinfect.

Easily movable with large transport rollers (Ø 13 cm).

Serial interface, USB interface.

Reduced device stand width to 38.5 cm.

Therapy and motivation programs

Training programs & Games

Slideshow via USB (delivered without USB stick)

Color: white/chrome/black


Technical specifications

Dimensions in cm (l x w x h): 70 x 60 x 107–122 cm

Weight: 36 kg / 79lbs

Maximum permissible user weight: 135 kg / 297 lbs

Screen size: 7“ / 18 cm

Classification according to MPG IIA

Power supply: 100-240 V~ / max. 120 VA

Power frequency: 47-63 Hz

Classification Protection Class II/ Type BF


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