MoVes Oxycycle III – Active / Passive

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MSD’s Oxycycle 3 pedal passive training device innovates, combining active and passive limb training in one instrument. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can be used anywhere you want. The speed and resistance level regulator allows the gradual strengthening of the upper and lower extremities according to the needs of the user. For active and passive gymnastics. Oxycycle 3 offers low-intensity exercise aimed at strengthening and increasing the elasticity of the upper and lower limbs, while improving blood circulation. Lightweight and durable device, dimensions 50 x 46 x 38cm. It has a speed controller and a resistance level controller. Automatic deactivation after continuous use for 15 min. Multi-function LCD screen that displays exercise time, number of revolutions, intensity level and calorie consumption. Device weight: 8.5 Kg. Power: 60 Watt.


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