Over 30 years ago ROMPA® was created to improve the quality of life of people of all ages and all abilities. Our belief in this aim drove ROMPA forward to becoming the globally-recognised market-leader it is today. Through carefully selected and unique products, professional bespoke designed and meticulously installed environments along with excellent customer service, we continue to meet the needs of individuals, institutions, and businesses, globally. ROMPA offers the sensory tools for choice, empowerment, enjoyment, inclusion, meaningful occupation, and comfort for everyone. As the home of Snoezelen® , ROMPA exists to provide the best in Sensory products and environments for people in all walks of life. We will continue to research and innovate, and by developing new products, so we can provide all the solutions to your sensory needs. Increasing the range we manufacture here in the UK will continue to be part of our mission. Through listening to our customers over the years our resources continue to empower users with choices to engage and entertain, stimulate and excite, calm, and relax.

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