Star Fiber Yag Laser

The STAR FIBER YAG offers a maximum output power of 15 Watts (absorbed 12 W), with a wavelength of 1064 nm (with a guide at 632 nm) to provide optimal results in a minimum time.

8 different broadcast modes:
Trigger points

In each session, our sophisticated software allows us to create up to 3 steps, with the possibility of combining emission modes (e.g. pulsed & continuous) as well as different frequencies. Also, there is the option of choosing a skin phototype to increase penetration.

With 3 heads available (28mm, 60mm, 120mm) the application can be either manual or fixed (by placing the 120mm head on arms).

STAR FIBER 808 has a high-resolution 10.1″ touch screen for greater ease of use. With specially designed software and graphics, it’s super easy to use!

In addition to the number of pre-stored pathologies, which are displayed according to the treatment area, the STAR FIBER YAG has a built-in treatment application guide for the selected pathology. On the screen of the device, instructions for applying the head appear, either in text or in video!

It is possible to create a patient file, where all the details of each treatment are registered in order to monitor the progress of the rehabilitation. In addition to simple measurements, a photo can be imported (via usb or sd card) for a visual display of progress!

Optical fiber laser
Wavelength: 1064 nm + 632 nm
Max. Power: 15 Watt (absorbed 12 W)
Frequency: 1 – 250 Hz
Emission Modes: Continuous, Pulsed, Hyperpulse, Modulated, Progressively Increasing, Progressively Declining, Trigger Point, Random
In-depth treatment
Immediate analgesia
VAS scale
HQ 10.1” touch screen
Ready-made protocols with treatment area visualization
Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistant
Ability to create a patient file
Infinite free memory slots

Greek menu
USB port
Comes with 1 Probe with 28mm diameter head & protective glasses
Head 60mm (optional)
120mm head with support arms (optional)
STAR trolley (optional)
Carrying case (optional)
CE certification


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