Wagner algometers

The Wagner FPX™ Algometer performs pain diagnostic testing with the advantages of a digital force gage. Pressure algometry is a reliable measure of pain in muscle, joints, tendons, and ligaments. The FPX proves the benefits of applied medication, physiotherapy or manipulation. As treatment progresses, the FPX quantifies improvements or setbacks. Pain threshold measurements provide unique information not obtainable by any other method. The objective measurements give reassurance to patients by confirming improvement.

Pain Threshold: The minimum pressure that induces pain in tissue trigger points. The FPX quantitatively assesses the tenderness of hypersensitive areas. The FPX 25, used for pain threshold testing, is appropriate for determining the minimum pressure that triggers pain at the point of interest.

Pain Tolerance: The point where painful pressure stimulus cannot be tolerated. The FPX assesses pain sensitivity for maximum tolerated pressure. FPX 50 is used for pain threshold and tolerance testing; with a wider range for comparative tests between a normal sensitivity control point and the area of interest.

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