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All you need for patient mobility and transfer 

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Since 1976, Moretti has been a protagonist in the medical supplies and equipment world. With a great range of products for patient care and mobility, Moretti SPA offers the best possible quality of price and value. Walkers, walking canes, wheelchairs and wheelchair fixation belts, are only a few of the products they offer.



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Gait trainer for physical therapy

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The Up n' Go is a whole new class of device that combines the best features of traditional gait trainers and partial weight bearing “lifters.” Patients with moderate to severe lower extremity disability can use the tool to improve their lower extremity strength and balance while gaining confidence and hope.



Dynamic, partial weight bearing support.

Dynamic feedback to aid development of neurological skills.

No need to lift patients.



See your loved one make real progress.

Progress leads to perseverance.

Continue at home what was learned in therapy.



Stand up and walk! It may be possible!

Feel securely supported while exercising.

Develop strength and balance while exercising.


Stand Up And Walk! It May Be Possible!

If you lack enough leg strength to hold your body weight upright, you are facing the possibility of being wheelchair-bound. By supplementing your leg strength with lifting support, the Up n’ Go may allow you to stand and walk. If you have the necessary leg strength but have issues with balance, the Up n’ Go may also benefit you. Designed to fit around most wheelchairs and many chairs, the device will help you go from sitting to standing while stabilizing you. Once you are upright it will move with you as you take a step. When you have completed your walking or other exercise tasks, the Up n’ Go will help you to gently return to a sitting position.

Some users can achieve this on their own. Most users require assistance from a care giver or therapist. Even then, a crucial issue is that those assisting you are giving only help/guidance. All lifting is done by you in combination with the Up n’ Go.


Feel Securely Supported While Exercising

The adjustable lifting support of the Up n’ Go provides just the amount of support that you or your therapist specify. Depending on your body weight and height, models are available that deliver specified levels of support from 7 to 150 pounds. The support is transferred to your body via a garment-like support device. It feels much like a pair of snug shorts… except these “shorts” give you an incredibly strong sense of security. Your pelvis is stabilized while it is supported so you can focus on your exercise task or activity.



Develop Strength And Balance While Exercising

Specific strength exercises you can perform include squatting, lunging, weight shifting, side walking, back walking and more. Because you are partially supported by the Up n’ Go you can work on each leg individually… especially important if your weak and strong sides have different capabilities. In addition, the amount of support that the Up n’ Go provides is adjustable. As your strength and balance improve and you require less support the Up n’ Go can be adjusted accordingly. Implicit in all of the above is that your care giver/ therapist is primarily acting as a coach and guide. It is not necessary for them to lift or hold you.


See Your Loved One Make Real Progress

If your loved one has part but not all of the strength and balance required to walk, they face life in a wheelchair. But what if a device could make up the difference between their strength/balance and what they lack? That’s exactly what the Up n’ Go does. With the Up n’ Go and a professionally designed physical therapy program, real progress is often possible. And while progress is desirable on many levels, an important hidden benefit can be that the ability to exercise using the Up n’ Go can forestall de-conditioning and the debilitating weight gain that can occur when a patient is restricted to a wheelchair.


Progress Leads To Perseverance

A very real problem in some therapy situations is rigorously maintaining an improvement program. If progress is limited or hard to see, perseverance can fade. The Up n’ Go often provides a significant boost to patient performance that can benefit everyone in the household. When progress can be seen or when therapy can involve some fun activities in addition to all the hard work, it can be easier to develop and follow the daily routines that can lead to an improved quality of life for the patient.


Continue At Home What Was Learned In Therapy

Many care givers find that what seemed so easy for the therapist in a professional setting can be much more challenging when the patient is at home. The Up n’ Go helps this situation in two important ways. First, the device itself is practical to use in most home settings. Thus your loved one can use exactly the same device in your home that they used in therapy.  Second, the device provides most of the lifting and stabilizing force that the user needs. While it may be a challenge for you to lift or move a spouse or older child, the Up n’ Go does most of this work for you.


Dynamic, Partial Weight Bearing Support For Your Patients

Accomplish many motor skills exercise tasks to increase your patient’s capability in strength, range of motion and balance:

Sit to stand

Correct posture



Weight Shifting

Normal gait with proper coordination (timing)

Side and back walking

Stand to sit

Work individually with either leg of your patient: the Up n’ Go will support them and keep them stable.


Dynamic Feedback Aids Development Of Neurological/Balance Skills

As you work, your patient gets dynamic feedback of their body position. The patient’s pelvis is stabilized, but the Up n’ Go will move as they move to give them a “real world” sense (feedback) that is important to improving neurological/balance skills.


Improved Patient Self Esteem

Long term success depends heavily on the patient’s motivation/cooperation. The Up n’ Go strengthens the patients self-esteem and motivation in three important ways: They see continuous improvement. They are not physically being held up by the therapist/caregiver.  They feel less fear of falling because the pelvis is stabilized and supported. This leads to less muscle tension and greater cooperation


Focus More On Therapy And Less On Merely “Holding Up” Your Patient

Use your skills not your strength! Let the Up n’ Go support your patient – from sit to stand or upright – while you focus on therapy. When you want to repeat a task, let the Up n’ Go assist you to quickly return the patient to precisely the starting posture and position that you want. And because the Up n’ Go support level is adjustable, you can specify the degree of support that is best as your patient progresses.



The Up n’ Free is the next step in gait trainers equipped with brand new dynamic partial weight-bearing support for added independence and safety. This dynamic lifting support helps users walk longer with less energy. The patented support unit not only allows tired patients to sit in any position, but stabilizes the pelvis to provide a safer walking experience. Patients can transfer by themselves, transition from sit to stand , and move hands-free as they achieve new levels of independence and functionality in the home.


Stand Up And Move Around! With The Up N’ Free It May Be Possible!

If you lack enough leg strength to hold your body weight upright you are facing the possibility of being wheelchair-bound. By supplementing your leg strength with lifting support the Up n’ Free may allow you to stand and walk. If you have the necessary leg strength but have issues with balance, the Up n’ Free can also help. Designed to fit around most wheelchairs and many chairs, the device will help you transition from sit to stand while stabilizing you. Once you are upright it will move with you as you step. When you are tired from walking or other exercises the Up n’ Free can lock and allow you to sit and rest at any height position. The easy transition and lever allows most cognitive patients to use the Up n’ Free without requiring assistance!


Freedom And Accessibility

The user can walk with and steer the Up n’ Free “Hands Free”. This feature increases user functionality in ways that existing walkers and gait trainers cannot. The unique dynamic support allows patients to walk longer without getting tired, allowing them to gain independence as they carry items or perform other household tasks.


User Safety

The user feels – and in fact is – safe when using the Up n’ Free. The risk of falling is greatly reduced because the seating system stabilizes the pelvis and maintains the user’s center of gravity within the frame. This allows the user to move independently without constant fear of falling and sit at any height position by locking the piston.


Mobile & Portable

The Up n’ Free is light weight (less than 20 lbs, 9 Kg) and highly maneuverable with a tight turning radius and swiveling wheels. Users are able to pass through standard home doors and fit in most rooms. The Up n’ Free can be rolled under most chairs, beds and wheelchairs and fits around standard commodes.

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