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The ultimate, dependable combination unit 

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The complete, easy-to-use, fast and responsible choice for ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and combination therapy.


The Sonopuls 492 can be used as a mobile device thanks to the battery (optional). In addition to using it with a mains power supply, the equipment can also be used in a clinic, next to the bed of a patient or at home. Thus the multifunctional Sonopuls 492 can also become your assistant wherever you may go. The Sonopuls 492 can be expanded with the Vacotron 460 suction module. With this Vacotron, that can be integrated beautifully with the Sonopuls 492, you can easily position electrodes. A combination that will make your job even easier and faster to accomplish.



Equipment for pain management, muscle stimulation and/or diagnostics. Electrotherapy applications for fast pain relief without side effects. Muscles can be stimulated to improve the function of soft tissue. Electrotherapy can be used to measure differentiated tissue response to stimulation, to provide a diagnosis about tissue quality.



Equipment for therapy using high frequency sound waves. The high frequency vibrations can cause a mechanical and thermal effect in the tissue. Ultrasound therapy promotes the body’s capacity for self- healing and tissue repair.



Equipment for electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy. This type of therapy can be applied side-by-side and at the same time, providing a very efficient therapy. Pain reduction in combination with ultrasound therapy provides rapid post-traumatic treatment, resulting in tissue repair in a minimum of time.



The new Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 492 is available now, offering 4 completely independent channels. You will have 4 independent therapy units available for the price of 1! With just 1 unit you can apply 4 different therapies or treat on 4 different areas independently and simultaneously. Save time and money! Perform DUAL CHANNEL ULTRASOUND: treat patients with 2 independent channels, either conventional or with the unique handsfree StatUSTM. Plus, at the same time, the availability of 2 channels of electrotherapy, also perfectly suitable for combination therapy (combining ultrasound and electrotherapy).


Just one unit provides you with:

  1. All electrotherapy modalities for effective pain relief and muscle stimulation
  2. Dynamic ultrasound for rapid tissue regeneration
  3. Static handsfree ultrasound for the most efficient application and the least time consuming method of ultrasound therapy including bone-healing
  4. Combination therapy for diagnostics (the best way to find for example deep trigger points) and for treatment of soft tissue injuries.
  5. Various pain management treatments simultaneously.



A crystal clear, full colour and scratch resistant screen that allows full visibility on all parameters from all viewing angles.



With the new Sonopuls 492 you can treat different areas or different localisations at the same time. An example is ultrasound treatment of the deep tissues of the hip. Traditional treatment consists of a session at the ventral side of the hip, the lateral approach and finally the dorsal side.



The Sonopuls 492 with 4 independent channels also offers the possibility of treating 4 different areas at the same time. For example, treat one area with dynamic ultrasound and one with hands-free StatUS. The two remaining electrotherapy channels can be used to reduce pain or to stimulate muscle tissue. Double the result in less time! Just place the applicators, set the protocol and you are ready to start!



25 Evidence-Based treatment protocols for ultrasound,

42 Evidence-Based protocols for electrotherapy,

2 Evidence-Based protocols for combination therapy



In addition to being able to use the 4-series unit connected to a mains power supply, the device can also be used with a batteryoperated power supply. This will ensure that you can go everywhere with your unit, regardless of whether this is at the patient’s home or at his or her hospital bed.



Made by Enraf-Nonius and, therefore, safe, reliable and durable. A device made by Enraf-Nonius, THE supplier for the physiotherapist worldwide. Where quality, reliability and durability come as standard.



Easy to use by means of a clear menu via a touch screen interface. Extremely intuitive and as easy as a state-of-the-art smart phone.



An extremely compact device and lightweight for easy transportation. At the same time stylish and beautiful, a device that is worth-while showing!



You can connect both the small 0,8 cm2 as well as the large 5 cm2 ultrasound treatment head in order to quickly change heads.



The menu structure is optimized to speed. In most cases you can start a pathology-specific treatment in just 3 steps! Easy, quick and simple.



A 360 degrees light ring for contact control. A clear indication of the effective transfer of energy that enables you to conduct the therapy as efficient as possible.



An intelligent and ergonomic treatment head, packed with electronics and covered with a special coating making it smooth and comfortable to use.



In addition to the standard treatment protocols, you can also save your personal protocols (including sequential applications) based on your own guidelines.

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Pain management and muscle stimulation 

Read more for Endomed 484

TENS stimulation modes:  

High Frequency TENS, Low Frequency TENS (acupuncture-like), Burst Frequency TENS, Modulated TENS: Frequency Modulation (FM), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Amplitude Modulation (AM).


NMES stimulation modes:  

Single channel stim, Dual channel stim: synchronous, asynchronous and alternating (reciprocal), Multi channel stim: synchronous, asynchronous, alternating and PEMS (Progressive Electrical Muscle Stimulation).


Active rest stimulation:

(fixed frequency of 8 Hz during resting period): yes


ON/OFF time:  0 -120 s

Ramp UP/DOWN time: 0 – 10 s

Delay time: 0.1 – 120 s


PENS stimulation modes:

High-Frequency Electro-acupuncture, Low-Frequency Electro-acupuncture,  Burst Frequency Electro-acupuncture, Modulated Electro-acupuncture: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Amplitude Modulation (AM), HAN Stimulation.


Programmable positions: 1000+

Sequential programs: Max. 15 phases



  1. Intensity can be regulated separately for each channel
  2. Powerful current output up to 140 Ma (peak per channel)
  3. Pulse durations up to 1000 μs
  4. Modes:Frequency (FM), Pulse Width (PWM),  Amplitude (AM)
  5. Current wave forms: asymmetrical biphasic, symmetrical biphasic, symmetrical biphasic with interphase interval (square pulses; net zero DC)
  6. Quick Access to evidence based parameters, even in manual 
  7. 12 evidence-based protocols (6 TENS, 4 NMES and 2 PENS) including the display of the anatomic localizations and treatment instructions
  8. AUTO-mode for Frequency and Pulse Duration 
  9. Single channel, dual (linked) channels, multi-channels
  10. Stores up to 1000 favorites
  11. Active Rest button: starts electrical stimulation during the rest phase for the prevention of muscle atrophy
  12. Smart buttons for : frequency, pulse width, modulation mode
  13. Safe and comfortable: the biphasic nature of the wave forms minimize any skin reaction due to the build-up of electrolytes under the electrodes
  14. Easy-to-use
  15. Compact & stylish
  16. Light-weight device can be used on a mobile basis (portable)
  17. High resolution full-colour touchscreen
  18. Mains-powered or battery-powered (optional)
  19. Sequential programming: combine up to 15 program steps and run them automatically one after the other.
  20. Programming function: enables the user to define personalised programs and store them as favourites.



  1. Power supply 100–240V, 50/60 Hz, max. 100 VA
  2. Dimensions of device (WxDxH) 24 x 28.6 x 9.3 cm
  3. Weight 5 kg ( including optional battery 3.5 kg)
  4. Number of channels: 4 (100% independent)
  5. Intensity: 0–140 mA (in steps of 0.1 mA)
  6. Output: Constant current
  7. Timer :0-90 min (in steps of 1 min)
  8. Current waveforms (TENS/NMES/PENS): Asymmetrical biphasic pulsed current (net zero), Symmetrical biphasic pulsed current (net zero), Symmetrical biphasic pulsed current with interphase interval (net zero).
  9. PEMS Progressive Electrical Muscle: Stimulation an unique function for Functional Electrical Stimulation Clinical guidelines & evidence-based protocols have been incorporated, providing the user with recommendations for the effective treatment of pain and various musculoskeletal disorders.
  10. Pulse duration: 10-1000 μs (for symmetrical biphasic pulsed current) and 5–450 μs (for asymmetrical biphasic pulsed)
  11. Range of interphase interval : 0-250 μs
  12. Frequency: 5 – 200 Hz
  13. Modulation frequency : 0 – 180 Hz
  14. Modulation programs: 1/1, 3/3, 6/6, 12/12, 30/30 and 60/60s



  • CD-ROM with Instructions For Use (PDF on CD-ROM)
  • Information Booklet
  • Mains cable 230V-EUR
  • Device base (inclination support)
  • Self-adhesive electrode (EN-Trode) 5x5 cm & 5x9 cm
  • Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs 
  • Point Electrode, incl. 10 silicone conductive caps
  • 2x Crocodile clamp with 2 mm female connector (set of 2).

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ENRAF-NONIUS Endomed 482

The complete, easy-to-use, fast and safe device for electrotherapy

Read more for Endomed 482

The Endomed 482 is the electrotherapy device for the demanding therapist. Electrotherapy has many possibilities and applications. The deployment of pain control and muscle stimulation has a long history and is well substantiated scientifically. The use of electrotherapy is not invasive, easy to apply and will not burden the patient. Electrotherapy is, therefore, often an excellent alternative to medication or other interventions. The Endomed 482 is characterised by its convenient use because of its touch screen interface and the extensive protocol library (no fewer than 42 items and evidence based) as is the case with the other devices from the Enraf-Nonius 4 series.

 The Endomed 482 can be expanded with a Vacotron 460. This integrated unit ensures that applying electrotherapy by using vacuum electrodes becomes very easy. The Endomed 482: the complete, easy-to-use, fast and safe device for electrotherapy!



  • Power supply 100 – 240 V ± 10% / 50 / 60 Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • Device 24 x 32 x 12 cm
  • Device with base 24 x 30.5 x 18.2 cm
  • Device with Vacotron 24 x 30.5 x 21.6 cm
  • Weight 2 kg (including the optional battery 3 kg)



  • Current channels 2 (100% independent)
  • Current types 36 (per channel)
  • Pre-programmed treatment suggestions 42 - evidence based
  • Programmable positions 1000+


MODULES you can add

Vacotron 460 (for vacuum electrodes)



  • 4-Series Operating Instructions (cd rom)
  • 4-Series Information Booklet
  • Mains cable 230V-EUR
  • Device base (inclination support) (not for Vacotron 460)
  • Strap 250x3 cm, Strap 100x3 cm
  • 2x Rubber electrodes 6x8 cm, 2 mm female,set of 2
  • Moist pads for rubber electrodes 6x8 cm, set of 4
  • 2x Patient cable & 2 mm male plugs black, with colour clips

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Simple and reliable electrotherapy device

Read more for Endomed 182

Mains-powered,2-channel electrostimulator for pain management offering the following current wave forms:


  1. 2-pole Interferential Current (IFC)
  2. 4-pole/tetrapolar Interferential Current (IFC)
  3. 4-pole IFC with Isoplanar Vector
  4. Asymmetric Biphasic Pulsed Current (TENS)
  5. Burst TENS


Smart design, smart performance!

The Endomed 182 is the new generation of physical therapy devices. Its advanced software design is smart in its features, functions and usability. The result is a device that empowers therapists to offer extraordinarily versatile treatment options to patients, with an exceptionally clever way of operating the device.


2 independent channels

Settings for 2-pole Interferential Current (2-pole) and TENS can be equally distributed through two channels (four electrodes), while the intensity of each channel can be individually adjusted.


Endomed 182V

Available in 182V version, which includes integrated vacuum module.


Full color touch screen and graphic interface

The Endomed 182 is equipped with a full colour touch screen and graphic user interface that provide the user with perfect control and a clear overview of the selected parameters during treatment.




  1. Mains voltage 100 - 240 Volt
  2. Frequency 50/60 Hz
  3. power output 50 VA
  4. Dimensions Endomed 182 (LxWxH) 14x16x14 cm
  5. Weight Endomed 182 1670 gr
  6. Dimensions Endomed 182V (LxWxH) 14x25.5x17.5 cm
  7. Weight Endomed 182V 2750 gr
  8. Medical device classification IIa
  9. This equipment complies with all the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
  10. Output Channels: 2
  11. Output Constant Current Intensity 0 - 100 mA
  12. Timer 0 – 60 min
  13. Current wave forms: Interferential (IFC) and Biphasic Asymmetric ,Pulsed Current (TENS)
  14. Pre-programmed clinical protocols: 16
  15. Favourites store up to 20 favourites
  16. Interferential current
  17. Carrier wave 4 kHz
  18. AMF frequency 1 – 200 Hz
  19. Modulation frequency 0 – 180 Hz
  20. Modulation programs 1-1, 6-6, 1-30 sec
  21. Asymmetrical biphasic pulsed current (TENS)
  22. Pulse width 150 μs
  23. Frequency 1 – 200 Hz
  24. Modulation frequency 0 – 180 Hz
  25. Burst frequency 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 4 Hz
  26. Integrated vacuum module (Vacotron 190): on inquiry




  • CD-ROM with instructions for use (PDF on CD-ROM)
  • Information booklet Endomed 182
  • Power cord 250V/2.5 A, L=2.5 m, black
  • Strap 250x3 cm, Strap 100x3 cm
  • Rubber electrodes 6x8 cm, 2 mm female (2x set of 2)
  • Moist pads for rubber electrodes 6x8 cm, set of 4
  • Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs black,with colour clips.

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Small in size, great in performance

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The TENSMED S82 is a 2-channel electrostimulator with a clearly legible LCD screen. It is the ultimate choice for the professional treatment of muscle stimulation and pain relief . With this device you can treat chronic pain, patients recovering from a traumatic condition, immobilisation, and improve posture and stabilisation of the knee joint using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). TENS treatments are safe, have no side-effects and can be an excellent alternative for pain medication.



6 free memories to store your parameters and to create customized programs


59 specific programs for functional rehabilitation and pain


makes navigation faster


increase the intensity of the 2 channels simultaneously using only one button.


the clearly legible LCD display contributes to optimal usability and ease-of-operation



  • 12 Sport
  • 8 Fitness, Beauty & Wellness
  • 16 Pain (TENS)
  • 9 Prevention
  • 11 Rehabilitation
  • 3 Incontinence
  • 6 Free programs

REHABILITATION: Muscle stimulation programs are particularly indicated for the functional recovery after surgical articulation interventions and after immobilization time. Programs included for Vastus Medialis Reinforcement and Recovery after ACL Surgery, Prevention Programs, Re-Athletization and Hemiplegia.

PAIN: eliminate pain with the special pulses of the TENS currents that, stimulating your body in a soft way, enables you to recover your health, wellness and a renovated life enjoyment. Programs included for Acute and Chronic Pain, Cervical pain, Lumbago, Periarthritis, Epicondylitis, Sciatica and soft tissue injuries.

INCONTINENCE: specific programs for the treatment of urological disorders such as stress, urge and mixed incontinence.

SPORT: the TENSMED S82 is programmed in order to selectively stimulate fast and slow fibers to train different muscle qualities. Includes programs for Warm-up, Maximum strength, Endurance strength, Explosive strength, De-contracting (muscle relaxation), Capillarization and Post-competition/training Active Recovery.

FITNESS, BEAUTY & WELNESS: body beauty is the expression of a wellness state and a form balance that we have to value and defend from the attacks of time and sedentary life. With the TENSMED S82 you can care for your body and defend its vitality and beauty using the electrostimulation beauty treatments. Ideal for Drainage, Lipolysis, Vascularization, Firming, Toning, Sculpting and Mass Building.

PREVENTION: programs to reinforce main articulations (such as shoulder, knee and hip) and to prevent traumas and injuries.



  • Carrying bag
  • 2 Cables for electrode connection
  • 4 Self-adhesive square electrodes (50x50mm)
  • 4 Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes (50x90mm)
  • Charger
  • User manual

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The top professional product for pain relief and muscle stimulation

Read more for Tensmed S84

The TENSMED S84 is the ultimate choice for professional treatment of pain related disorders and muscle stimulation in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sport, fitness and beauty & aesthetics. With this powerful device you can stimulate up to four large muscle groups or different pain areas at the same time. Or give bilateral treatments simultaneously (for instance left and right m. Quadriceps). The most advanced technology is used to guarantee the most user-friendly and safest use of the stimulator in any treatment situation.

With the TENSMED S84 you can treat chronic pain, patients recovering from a traumatic condition, immobilisation as well as maintain or improve muscle function in healthy individuals using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and NMES (Neuro Muscular Electrostimulation) currents. This makes the device ideal for sport and rehabilitation.

The TENSMED S84 is a 4-channel device with a clearly legible LCD display and easy to operate.

265 PROGRAMS: 13 Rehabilitation, 3 Incontinence, 33 Pain (TENS), 53 Sport, 29 Fitness, 16 Beauty & Aesthetics, 28 Action Now, 27 FES Now (‘3S’), 48 NMES Now, 15 Free programs


PROGRAMS 250 specific preset programs for functional rehabilitation, pain management, sports, fitness and beauty & aesthetics.

EASY PROGRAM MENU rapidly create new TENS and NMES programs or modify existing ones using a great variety of stimulation parameters. The stored ‘Easy programs’ are accessible for all users

SYNCRO-STIM increase/decrease the intensity of all 4 channels simultaneously using only one button

RUN TIME FUNCTION option to adjust treatment time, frequency and pulse width during the treatment

MY TRAINER displays the correct placement of the electrodes

PROGRAMMABLE 15 free memories to create and store your personalized TENS and NMES programs

QUICK MENU fast access and easy navigation to functional Neuromuscular Stimulation programs: ‘Action Now’, ‘FES Now’ and ‘NMES Now’.

ACTION NOW special function that allows you to start a single muscular contraction by pressing a button on the device. Action Now programs are particularly useful to combine and synchronize the electric stimulation with a voluntary action to obtain a greater recruitment of the muscular fibers and to improve coordination.

FES NOW ("3S") special function for ‘Serial Sequential Stimulation’. FES Now programs are Functional ElectroStimulation programs characterized by a delayed activation of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2. They permit the stimulation of the musculature in a kinetic chain. In the aesthetic field, ‘FES Now’ programs are used for drainage.

NMES NOW fast access to specific muscle stim programs with preset ON/OFF stimulation times (intermittent stimulation)

MULTI-USER up to 10 different users can create and store a library of personalized programs in the ‘Favorites’ and ‘Last-10’ memory LAST 10 automatically stores the last 10 executed programs. ‘Last 10’ programs will remain available for a rapid and easy execution.FAVORITES permits to store up to 15 customized TENS and NMES programs for each user

AUTO STIM execute a program in automatic mode (= without having to regulate the intensity manually). Intensity values are automatically set to the levels used during the last execution of programs listed among the “Last 10” memory.

2+2 MODE allows you to execute two different programs (NMES or TENS) at the same time, thus permitting the simultaneous treatment of two patients or two muscular groups.

WORKING TIME indicates the total time the device has been used for stimulation treatment

BACKLIT DISPLAY the clearly legible LCD display contributes to optimal usability and ease-of-operation

MAINS SUPPLY AND BATTERY OPERATED continue your treatment (using mains power) while charging the battery.

REHABILITATION: Muscle stimulation programs are particularly indicated for the functional recovery after surgical articulation interventions and after immobilization time. Programs included for Vastus Medialis Reinforcement and Recovery after ACL Surgery, Prevention Programs (prevent traumas and injuries), Re-Athletization and Hemiplegia.

INCONTINENCE: Specific programs for the treatment of urological disorders such as stress, urge and mixed incontinence are included in the Rehabilitation section.

PAIN: Eliminate pain with the special pulses of the TENS currents that, stimulating your body in a soft way, enables you to recover your health, wellness and a renovated life enjoyment. With the TENS programs of the TENSMED S84 you can treat acute and chronic pain that is related to musculoskeletal disorders. Programs included for Acute and Chronic Pain, Cervical pain, Lumbago, Periarthritis, Epicondylitis, Sciatica, soft tissue injuries, etc.

SPORT: The TENSMED S84 is programmed in order to selectively stimulate fast and slow fibers to train different muscle qualities. Includes programs for Warm-up, Maximum strength, Endurance strength, Explosive strength, De-contracting (muscle relaxation), Capillarization (increases the blood flow to the muscle and improves endurance and recovery abilities) and Pre- & Post-competition/ training and Active Recovery (reduce muscle fatique after training or competition).

FITNESS, BEAUTY & AESTHETICS: With the TENSMED S84 you can care for your body and defend its vitality and beauty. Use the specific beauty programs to treat skin flaws: improvement of the capillary microcirculation, toning and tissue firming, liquid drainage, increase in metabolism and cellular activities, reduction and mobilization of the fat in the localized deposits (e.g. cellulite, water retention, localized fat). The TENSMED S84 is also ideal for Loss of weight/ Localized lipolysis, Anti-cellulite treatment, Lymphatic drainage and Firming/Toning. The Firming and Toning programs contribute to reduce skin flaws through the general and localized increase in the metabolism.

QUICK NMES (Neuromuscular Electrostimulation): The Quick NMES menu offers 3 ways to stimulate and train muscles (or muscle groups) in the most functional way, using one of the 103 dedicated programs. In just 3 steps you can select one of the following Quick NMES options: ‘Action Now’, ‘FES Now’ or ‘NMES Now’. Fast, easy and functional.

Action Now programs are normal NMES programs with the only difference that you start the contraction manually: after pressing a button of the TENSMES S84. These programs are especially useful to link and synchronize the electrical stimulation to a voluntary contraction. The programs vary from very rapid and brief contractions (typical for explosive movement) to slower and longer contractions (when aiming at hypertrophia).

FES Now (“3S”) programs are characterized by an activation delay of the channels 3 and 4 compared with the channels 1 and 2. These programs permit to stimulate the musculature in a kinetic chain thanks to the differentiated activation times of the muscular groups involved. In the aesthetic field, the 3S programs allow to create a real sequential drainage. The rhythmic stimulation of the musculature causes an increase in the speed of the venous circulation (hematic flow) and lymphatic circulation (lymphatic flow).

NMES Now offers fast access to specific muscle stim programs with a preset ON/OFF stimulation time. There is an alternation between working time and rest time (active and passive). For example, 6 seconds of contraction and 10 of recovery. During the time of recovery, there is also the possibility to raise the intensity of current in order to execute a cool-down active recovery during the rest.



  • Carrying bag
  • 4 Cables for electrode connection
  • 4 Self-adhesive square electrodes (50x50mm)
  • 4 Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes (50x90mm)
  • Charger
  • User manual

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EMG-Feedback and Electrotherapy unit

Read more for Myomed 134

Biofeedback is a training technique that teaches patients how to improve their health and physical performance by responding to signals from their own body. Over the years the use of EMG recording has increased, especially for the relatively ‘new’ indications such as pelvic floor disorders and RSI prevention in VDU users. Surface electromyography is another excellent addition to the armoury of the physiotherapist in general practice.

With the the Myomed 134, Enraf-Nonius has made it possible to use biofeedback in combination with electrotherapy. The Myomed 134 acts like a ‘stethoscope for the muscles’ by showing how the patient is responding to the physiotherapist´s instructions and corrective tips. The Myomed 134 gives you an especially accurate source of information that shows the precise effects of your physiotherapeutic procedures.

Biofeedback, whether or not used in combination with electrotherapy, is an effective form of therapy which has been developed as a successful alternative to surgery. It has proven to be especially successful at improving the quality of life and a feeling of freedom of incontinence patients. Being a non-invasive treatment, it’s also extremely suitable for use with the elderly.


Thanks to its compact size and use of batteries, the Myomed 134 can be used for both measurement and exercise on any location.

A complete device for EMG feedback, pressure feedback and electrotherapy (2-channel EMG, 2-channel TENS, 1-channel pressure feedback) battery- powered, so can be used ambulatory, both for diagnosis and treatment. It is easy for patients to operate, with a wide measurement range (0.28 µV - 150 mV) allows measurement of both large and small muscles.



  • Snap-connector, 2 mm female, 3 pcs
  • Batterypack for Myomed 134
  • Cable for reference electrode for EMG
  • Multilingual CD with operating manual Myomed 134
  • Set of 8 pcs. adhesive electrodes for stimulation & EMG(1)
  • Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plug - black with coloured clips
  • Adapter ENA 1524 100-240V
  • Mains cable 230V - EUR



EMG channels: 2

EMG sensibility: 0,28 µV–300 mV

Pressure channels: 1

Pressure sensibility: 0-400 cm hPa

Current type: symmetrical biphasic current

Phase duration: 10-500 µs

Amplitude: 0 - 80 mA

Mains voltage: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

Output: 15 VDC/1,6 A

Weight: 0,96 kg

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