Cerc Therapy

CERC Therapy®

CERC Therapy® is a type of rehabilitation that uses electromagnetic energy and is particularly indicated in cases where there is a need to stimulate the regeneration of biological tissues. It encourages acceleration of all the reparatory processes with an evident bio-regeneration, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effect.

CERC Therapy® is a medical device based on electromagnetic fields managed by software. The device uses a system of self-calibration to determine the characteristic impedance from biological tissue and to modify the electromagnetic field used.

The CERC Therapy® system uses special emitters to resonate with the area being treated, to focus the energy used and to avoid dispersion. The device’s main innovative technologies include high concentration of the electromagnetic field’s energy on the specific body part and its ability to self-recalibrate resonance, using a particular algorithm, to ensure maximum efficacy of the treatment.

Main features

-Max 300W

-15.6″ color touch screen

-100 times faster

-Rapid and effective therapeutic treatments

-Ergonomic emitters of various sizes

-Continuous and pulsed therapy options


Technical specifications

-Screen: 15.6″ color touch screen

-Application: Electromagnetic field

-Frequency: 1,8 MHz/2,0 MHz

-Power: Max 300W

-Emmiters: Various measures

-Operating modes: Continuous / Pulsed

-Power supply: Europe: 230~260V, 50~60 Hz

-Weight: 8kg

-Dimensions: L 59 cm – H 26 cm – P 44 cm


  • Athermal

Also indicated for treatments that do not require heat emission.


  • Effective

An effective solution that guarantee quick recovery and healing.


  • Pain-free

Innovative, non-invasive and comple

tely pain-free therapy.


  • No medical supervision required

Quick and effective therapeutic treatment without medical supervision.


  • 100x Faster

Extensive testing, conducted in collaboration with a team of physicians who are experts in rehabilitation, confirmed the validity of the project by demonstrating the excellent ability of CERC Therapy® to guarantee quick recovery and healing.


Pathologies treated

-Heals arthrosis

-Speeds up bone consolidation after fracture

-Reduces inflammatory conditions

-Encourages healing of bone necrosis

-Encourages tissue regeneration

-Improves capillary flow and encourages resorption of oedema

-Heals tendinitis, epicondylitis and bursitis

-Heals muscular lesions (athermal)

-Repairs nerve damage

-Treats cervicalgia, dorsalgia, lower back pain and sciatica

-Stimulates repair of decubitus ulcers

The benefits

The effects of electromagnetic fields are quite complex and differ greatly depending on the tissue to be treated. The effects obtained also depend on the frequency, intensity and length of the single impulses and the way in which they are supplied. In any case, these effects have proven to be beneficial on biological tissue, to heal injuries and consequently rebalance membranes.

Scientific studies have highlighted that the most obvious effect of the electromagnetic field is its ability to reduce intercellular edema, as well as reduce inflammation.
This anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to improve cellular tropism justify the use of electromagnetic fields in the majority of pathologies involving the loco-motor system.

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