Star Cryo T-Shock slim pain

In the field of physical therapy & rehabilitation, cold & hot therapy is the most important and widely used way to treat pain and inflammation

This new, revolutionary device is based on Péltier technology with two key features: hyperthermia to generate heat and transdermal cryotherapy to absorb heat & reduce temperature even in the deepest tissues.

Thus, the STAR CRYO-T SHOCK SLIM is the new model of the CRYO-T SHOCK devices that allows healthcare professionals to use either only cryotherapy or immediately after and hyperthermia, i.e. performing a “shock” treatment, where cryotherapy is followed by hyperthermia, in a dynamic & sequential manner, fully controlling the temperature.

A special sensor transmits the target temperature and displays in real time (realtime) on the screen, the actual temperature of the patient to monitor the progress of the treatment. This new device is the only one that enables immediate treatment in acute and sub-acute conditions, and of course in chronic conditions.

Compared to the few other available devices, the STAR CRYO-T SHOCK SLIM allows not only the application of cryotherapy or heat therapy separately, but also offers the possibility of combining these 2 treatments in a fully controlled manner.

In cases such as: muscle injuries, tendon, bone & joint diseases, bursitis, joint stiffness, sprains and bruises, it acts:

In the acute and post-traumatic stage: it has an immediate analgesic effect, immediate anti-edematous & anti-hemorrhagic effect (cryotherapy). In the sub-acute stage, it acts quickly and has immediate effects such as: reduction of inflammation, rejection of toxins, and immediate tissue regeneration occurs.
Before and after treatments to restore range of motion in joints, it is used in combination with mobilization (manual therapy).


Therapeutic device with 2 main features: hyperthermia, capable of inducing endogenous heat with a consequent rapid increase in local temperature, and cryotherapy, adjustable up to 0°C, capable of absorbing heat, even in the deepest tissues.

These 2 features, applied according to precise, therapeutic protocols, produce a focused and deep thermal “shock”.

All 3 of these features (hyperthermia, cryotherapy and thermal shock) can be adjusted in depth & intensity.

Automatic adjustment of the energy delivered in relation to the desired therapeutic temperature – target
Focused treatment
Cryotherapy adjustable up to 0°C with application in direct contact with the skin for a more effective and deep effect.
Hyperthermia adjustable up to 41°C.
The combined and sequential application of these 2 functions allows the exploitation of the therapeutic properties of heat, even in acute cases, without the fear of causing much pain to the patient.
The thermal shock allows for a great reduction in recovery time and allows immediate recovery of range of motion.
No maintenance costs.
Without noise and without the use of gases.
Real time imaging of the patient’s temperature.
32mm diameter head
Ready protocols
6.5″ LCD color touch screen
8 free memory slots.
Greek software.
Pagani Roland wheel chair (optional)
STAR castor (optional)
STAR SLIM castor (optional)
Carrying bag (optional)
CE certification

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