AB Peanut ball (RED)

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The Mambo Max AB (Anti-Burst) Peanut ball helps users who struggle with the instability of a regular gym ball. The peanut shape offers extra sideway stability, which gives more confidence to start working out with Gym Balls. The Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball offers a more predictable therapy or fitness training as it can only roll in one direction. This certainly is a huge benefit for children, elderly or people who suffered an injury. In addition, Peanut Balls are very popular amongst pregnant women and are very helpful devices during labour. Similar to our regular Mambo Max AB Gym Ball, the Peanut Ball is Anti-Burst: if the ball gets punctured by a sharp object the ball won’t burst, thus reducing risk of
injury. The Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball comes in a Mambo Max cardboard retail pack, including Faster Blaster Pump and Plug. 

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