Compact II

COMPACT-II – High Energy Inductive Therapy. The COMPACT-II comes with a large 8-inch touch screen that shows all the relevant parameters. You can easily set and adjust the parameters by touching the screen. The device comes with 10 predefined protocols to optimise the workflow for the most common medical conditions (such as low back pain). This makes it quick, easy and effective to use. For non-invasive stimulation of nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

High Energy Inductive Therapy administered through the COMPACT-II is a valuable tool to today’s clinicians. Pain relief, muscle stimulation, blood circulation improvement and the activation of cell membrane charges are solutions to many of the conditions that cause people to see a physiotherapist. The COMPACT-II allows you to give your patients the right kind of therapy. The COMPACT-II generates a powerful magnetic field in which neurons, muscles and blood vessels are stimulated in a non-invasive manner. This will cause the tissue to heal and the symptoms to disappear.

Technical Specifications

Power supply – 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Output – 1.5 kVA

Dimensions – (WxDxH) 338 x 440 x 200 mm

Weight – Approx. 23 kg

Magnetic field intensity – 3.0 T – pp (± 20%)

Number of channels – 1

Protocols in ‘auto’ mode – Auto 01 ~ Auto 10

Protocols in manual mode – Manual 01 ~ Manual 10

Stimulation frequency – 1 ~ 100 Hz (± 20%)

Stimulation pulse width – 420µs (± 20%)

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