Cryotherapy is a very old cold treatment method, used since Antiquity.
Nowadays, Cryotherapy treatments are used in physiotherapy, in sports
medicine, in traumatology but also in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.
Local cold treatment is used to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, promote
recovery and much more. All the indications can be found in the instructions
for use. With the Enraf-Nonius CryoOne it is now possible to apply cooling agents
during a treatment
• without skin contact,
• at a very constant and safe cooling rate
• and with superb results.


The CryoOne, a constant air stream
The Enraf-Nonius CryOne delivers a constant (but adjustable) airflow down to
-30 degrees Celsius. This cold airflow can be applied in a highly focused (static)
manner or moved over a larger area.
Thanks to the innovative technology, the airflow is extremely constant in
temperature. This is in contrast to traditional cold packs, where the temperature
interacts with the tissue and changes immediately when applied.


The CryoOne, a dry air stream to prevent frost bite
In addition, the CryoOne provides an extremely dry airflow. This reduces the danger of frost bite. This is in
contrast with gas-cooled applications, where the gas flow can be extremely cold, but also are moist, and thus
causing a serious risk for frost bite. The CryoOne is therefore extremely safe to use.

The CryoOne, always at your disposal
The CryoOne is always available for use. Once you turn on the unit, you can apply cryotherapy. You don’t
need anticipating actions like adding packs in a fridge or checking your gas tank. Once the CryoOne is in your
practice, you will always have cryotherapy at hand.

The CryoOne, an affordable airflow
The CryoOne works out of the box. It does not require expensive accessories. Unlike gas-cooled devices, no
expensive gas tank is required for the application, either. Operation and maintenance are very simple and
require no special tools. A one-time investment that pays for itself quickly


With the CryoOne, cold applications are easily, hygienic (no skin contact) and
effective. The device is extremely easy to use. Only the desired treatment time
and the intensity of the airflow need to be set via a very clear touch screen
interface. The CryOne is then ready for the treatment of pain or stiffness of both acute
and chronic complaints, like
Muscle Tension
Cervical Syndrome
Post-whiplash disorders
Lumbar Syndrome
Muscle or Joint injuries


The CryoOne is also very effective for pain reduction, improvement of mobility and reduction of joint stiffness
for rheumatic diseases such as
Rheumatoid arthritis (progressive chronic arthritis)
Post-synovectomy conditions
In neurological disorders the CryOne can be used for eduction of spasm like with
Multiple sclerosis
Post-apoplectic hemiplegia
Other indications for the use of the CryOne are
Support for movement therapy using preceding cooling
In combination with compresses for acute injuries
For preventing oedemas and hematomas
In the field of sports medicine for preventative early treatment prior to pain setting in, immediately after
severe stress, e.g. competitions
For treating muscular trigger point in combination with stretching


The CryOne is very effective during and after dermatological treatments,
especially in aesthetics, like
Intense laser therapy (for example for tattoo removal)
Photodynamic therapy
For example, with intense laser therapy, with the CryoOne there can be a
reduction of the side effects that are frequently connected to these laser
applications. The effect of the CryOne can be
Less Erythema
Less swelling and encrustations
Reduction of pain and thermal skin damage

That is why your patients will love the addition of the CryOne as it makes many
dermatological treatment modalities pleasant for the patients.
Information about possible risks and adverse effects as well as warnings can be
found in the instruction for use.



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