DS Maref DR. Life -7

Doctor Life 4 channel compression device for home use is suitable as a support treatment by physician or therapist for patients with edema, venous disorders, diabetes, etc. Also an advanced IPC device for the demanding sportsman to improve condition and results.

It stimulates the lymph system and blood circulation by massage with air-filled cuffs. There are two possible massage programs. The device has a medical CE mark. The operation is very simple. Time and pressure are adjustable while each chamber can be individually enabled or disabled. Its low weight and compact size makes it easy to carry, e.g. on vacation. The system comes with 2 easy connect leg cuffs (XL), 1 single and 1 double hose tubing.

The Doctor Life massage systems are developed and manufactured by Daesung Maref Ltd. This company was founded in 1986 in South Korea and has become one of the largest suppliers of pneumatic massage systems for medical, wellness and sports applications.

The company has a Research & Development department, where developers work with clinicians to create the best possible equipment. The systems are exported to over 70 countries and have been awarded the European certificate for medical devices CE0499 and the US FDA approval certificate.


Treatment Modes

Treatment Mode A – Peristaltic

Peristaltic treatment could help with:

Mixed Arterial-Venous Disease with Edema

DVT Prophylaxis

Sensitive areas in the foot or ankle


Treatment Mode B – Sequential

Sequential treatment could help with:


Venous Disease with Edema and/or wounds

Inflammation Control

Muscle Recovery



LX Pump Specifications

Adjustable Pressure Range: 20 -200 mmHg

Safe Pressure Setting LOCK Function

Illuminated Start/Pause/Stop Button

Cycle Time: 60 seconds

Therapy Timer: 10, 20, 30 minutes

Chamber Control Options: On/FOCUS, Off/SKIP

Digital Interface, Controller & Pressure Sensors

DME Warranty: 2 yrs. (pump), 6 mon. (sleeves)

Device Size: 10” x 5” x 7” (2.2 kg)


LX Sleeve Types

Legs: Large – 28”; XL – 32”; XXL – 38”



Center Body

Expanders for added width

Integrated Hose

Convenient One-Touch Connectors.

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