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Mid horizontal frequency currents


Horizontal IF currents are special IF currents for which the operator, further to the intensity, may adjust frequency by keeping intensity stable or by also setting intensity. Usually IF Horizontal currents are suitable for treating pain and inflammation. Usually, it is a very comfortable current that the patient feels very well all over the body.


Electrical stimulation


Contraction of muscles could be performed by stimulating the muscle itself or the nervous fibers. While denervated muscles are present, it is necessary to stimulate muscles for avoiding degeneration and athrophy of the muscles. The most useful waveforms are the rectangular, triangular and exponential pulses which can be adjusted up to 1000 msec, with reference to the denervation.



Stimulation of normal muscles


Contraction, without any denervated muscles is performed after non-used muscles, due to surgical intervention, amiothrophy, but also for improving force, endurance and the general performances of muscles. At this end, usually, it is suggested to use Biphasic, Kotz, faradic currents; it depends on the type of muscles, on the status of the muscles and also on the sensitivity of each patient. The most suitable current is the waveform capable to provoke the best stimulation, by respecting the patient’s comfort.


Veno-lymphatic current (drainage)


Veno-lymphatic current is a special exponential waveform, capable to improve blood circulation, accelerates venous flow, reduces pain coming from inflammation and edema.


Technical features


– Outputs: 2

– Waveforms: galvanic and interrupted galvanic, diadynamics (50-100 Hz, CP, LP, 50 & 100Hz interrupted), rectangular, triangular, exponential, biphasic, Trabert, faradics (neodyn, rectangular, triangular), IF Bipolar and quadripolar, isoplanar, vectorial, mf of stimulation, Kotz, If horizontal current, Drainage current

– Intensity: 76,5 mA (150 mAp)

– Display: coloured graphic with touch-screen

– Pre-set protocols with pictures

– Free memories for customized protocols

– Continuous and pulsed vacuum: on inquiry

– High voltage current: on inquiry

– Continuous and Pulsed Vacuum therapy: on inquiry

– Trolley with 4 boxes


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