Elettronica Pagani HPL Laser

HPL is probably the most diffused scanning laser device all over the world, and today further to the experience and the success of the previous range, HPL has been renewed introducing new and more attractive solutions in terms of pure design, performances, ease of use and effectiveness. HPL shall continue to be a point of reference into the field of scanning lasers. A choice coming from a strong tradition, reliability of trade-mark and product. HPL activates the natural healing process in several pathologies and inflammation.

Each HPL model is provided with High Power Laser source which generates high density energy:

– HPL 1.6: with IR source 808 nm, 1,600 mW + 650 nm visible beam

– HPL 7.0: with IR source 808 nm 7,000 mW + 650 nm visible beam

– HPL 7.0 with YAG source 1064 nm, 7.000 mW + 650 nm visible beam.

The possibility of rotating scanning plane is completely automatic. This feature allows to move easily laser beam, to adapt it to the real treated area and to perform treatment also while the patient has been seated. HPL is completely new:

The sophisticated design is pure expression of all the attention place into this new version, into all aspects of the unit. From the technology to the performances, from the design to the practical use, from the software to the safety for patients and operators.

The whole result is a new laser device, made for continuing to be appreciated and useful for performing all typical applications of laser.


Technical features

Laser protection: class IV

Power supply: 110 – 230 Vac +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

Dimensions & weight: cm 45x60x160 h – 40 Kg

Visible beam: 650 nm

Emission: continuous and puled

Duty-cycle: 10 ÷ 100%

Frequency: 10 ÷ 200 Hz

Rotation of laser beam:- 45° / + 90°

Pre-set programs and free memories

Independent external output: hand-piece with IR 808 nm

1200 mW (on inquiry)

Standard accessories: protective goggles(1),

inter-look connection,manual.


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