Elettronica Pagani Opera Synergy

Further to the most traditional frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz, it is also possible to set high frequency magnetic field up to 5000 Hz. It is possible to set only low frequency or only high frequency. Usually, low frequency magnetic field is applied for performing treatment in case of fractures, pseudarthrosis, osteoporosis, etc. The aim of the treatment is to improve quality and quantity of callus and collagen. Otherwise, high frequency magnetic field is generally used for treating vascular, dermatology diseases and also for treating all the pathologies where warm is absolutely contra-indicated.



Outputs: 2

Frequency: 10 to 200 Hz for LF and up to 5000 Hz for HF

Emission mode: pulsed and pulsed modulated

Intensity: max 100 Gauss (peak);

Effective on the patient max. 50 Gauss

Display: Colored touch-screen

Pre-set programs with body pictures

Free Memories for customized protocols

Therapeutic objectives


Standard accessories:

Pair of LF applicators with straps


On request:

Pair of HF applicators

Ergonomic couch with two-solenoids

Ergonomic couch with single solenoid partial treatments

Solenoid 30 cm large for upper and lower limbs

Trolley mod. R2 with or without drawers.


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