Elettronica Pagani Roland Sonoquartz

SonoQuartz is now the only device for ultrasound therapy with a piezoelectric quartz part. Although more difficult to interpose and more expensive, quartz has always been the “prime” material, more precious and effective, for use in ultrasound therapy. Its properties of stability of the frequency over time (the quartz oscillates exactly by 1 MHz, while ceramic has a rather large tolerance range that can change over time depending on many factors), its ability of oscillation capable of transmitting high power without distortions, its excellent adherence to the materials as well as its resistance make the ultrasound device based on the piezoelectric properties of quartz a real innovation in terms of technology and performance.

For this reason, people who want a high-performance ultrasound device, without compromise, can only choose SonoQuartz.

Technical features:

Power supply :115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Dimensions: cm 40x30x25

LCD : Coloured

Pointer : Encoder + soft touches

Pre-set programs : As standard with body pictures

Free memories : As standard

Working frequency : 1 MHz

Continuous and pulsed modes : As standard

Duty-cycle : 25%, 50%, 75%

Frequency : 20 – 200 Hz

Power max : 3 W/cmq

5 cm2 1 MHz head : As standard

On inquiry/extra: 8 cm static head 1 MHz


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