Elettronica Pagani Star Tecar 200W Classic

STARTECAR represents a therapeutic modality that allows the transfer of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy to different cell layers, from the superficial to the deep. This energy transfer has the property of warming inside, making endogenous diathermy, from moderate to intense.

The increase in temperature and the consequent increase in blood flow stimulates the processes of tissue repairing, favouring the contribution of organic substrates and the elimination of catabolites from the painful and/or inflammatory areas.

STARTECAR is used to make faster healing processes and, due to its antalgic effect, in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of muscles, tendons and bone.


Technical features:

Power supply: 115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Dimensions: cabinet desk top cm 40x40x25 h

Display: coloured with touch-screen 6,5”

Capacitive / Resistive: Yes, as standard

Continuous and pulsed emission modes: Yes

Working frequency: 485 KHz +/- 10 Hz

Power max: 200 W

Impedance on real-time: Yes

Temperature sensor: Yes

Hand-piece: Ergonomic handpiece

Electrodes: Res/Cap, 30, 60 mm

Cream 1 Kg: Yes, as standard


On inquiry:

Set of accessories for static applications

Trolley mod. STAR Hand-piece with 30 mm Bipolar electrode

60 mm electrode for Bipolar hand-piece

Portable case.

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