Elettronica Pagani Starwave Focused & Radial

A  non invasive solution for erectile dysfunction

Shock Wave Therapy is a safe, tolerable and effective treatment that is drug-free, surgery-free, totally non-invasive, requires no anaesthesia and is performed at the ambulatory and provides long-lasting results. Shockwave targets the erectile mechanism so that men are more likely to have erections on their own.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as “constant” total or partial inability to achieve and / or maintain an erection. Mostly occurring into over 50 years old patients, recently became a problem occurred also in younger people, erectile dysfunction is a pathology which is increasing and more than 20% men are currently suffering. Shockwaves have thus also entered the common protocols of Peyronie’s disease “Induratio Penis Plastica” disease characterized by penile fibrosis and subsequent curvature with considerable benefits also on the normal recovery of the erection as well as on the reduction of pain on erection and the extent of the plaque.

In clinical practice, the low-intensity shock waves are transmitted via a hand-piece equipped with an applicator to the penile tissue, stimulating the creation of new networks of blood vessels in the penile tissue, thus restoring an erection. This mechanism of action, called neoangiogenesis, allows the patient following a certain number of treatments to obtain a lasting erection without the use of drugs.



The non-invasiveness, the high tolerability of the treatment by the patient, the absence of side effects, the possibility of totally eliminating or reducing the use of drugs, the discretion in using the therapy, make the preferential choice for the treatment of ED by physicians and patients, it is now on low-intensity shock wave therapy.

From one of our clinical study made on 78 patients it has been observed an improvement in over 82% of treated patients with a mutual improvement into the PSV (Systolic Peak Velocity). A follow-up made after 8 months from the treatment was confirming the above mentioned results.

The study has shown the efficacy of improvement on penile vascular hemodynamic and the benefit of vascular rehabilitation of erectile dysfunction. Patients were referring about the improvement of penile rigidity, increase in duration and improvement in patient’s quality of life satisfaction, understood as couple well-being, observed with the EDITS questionnaire in 72% of patients.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Promotes the vascularization and elasticity of penile tissues, consequently improving the quality of erection

Stimulates the regeneration of nerve structures responsible of erection control

Restores the endothelium and smooth muscles.


Treatment of induratio plastic penis (IPP)

It stimulates the production of factors that favour angiogenesis by modulating the activity of inflammatory cells that seem to be the direct ones responsible for the formation of the plaque

Stabilizes plaque with interruption of disease progression· Reduces plaque and its size· Reduces or eliminates pain caused by plaque


Treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Promotes increased vascularization

Induces increased anti-inflammatory signals

Induces a reduction in passive muscle tone

Reduces painful pelvic floor syndrome


Pain and inflammation

It’s reasonable to think that revascularization should be related to neocapillarogenesis coming from the repair of the membrane and due to the flow of endothelial cells in the interstitial spaces. This is why Shockwave Therapy makes metabolic changes in the affected tissues easier and faster, stimulating the reparative processes and the elasticity process of soft tissues. The advantages and applications of Shockwave Therapy are still expanding, for a method that has already significantly contributed to changing the therapeutic approach in different pathologies, helping to improve lives of thousands of patients around the world. Shockwave Therapy is in fact an absolutely non-invasive method, with very low side effects and with great possibilities to intervene on pain, oedema, inflammation and tissue regeneration.


Focused emission

STARWAVE is a generator of Focused Extra-Corporeal Shock waves. It’s a “controlled” shockwaves generator made for delivering appropriate focused emission energy into a certain area of the body, without using a pointing system such as sonography or RX. Energy flow is made for being effective into different layers; a special applicator is available for responding to the requirements of osteo-myo-tendineous diseases.


When technology becomes useful

STARWAVE is a medical shock-waves therapy device using electromagnetic technology. A group of coils placed into the probe would be activated from the hi-voltage circuit of the unit itself. Electromagnetic field is moving a bullet inside the gun and hammer, thanks to the mechanical pressure, creates a shock-wave inside the propagation chamber of the applicator fixed on the top of the probe.


Technical features


Power supply: 115– 230 Vac – 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: max. 1000 VA

Protection Class: 1 BF

EEC 93/42 Classification: IIb

Display: Touch, Control Plus 10’1

Pre-set programs

Free memories

Patient’s data-base

Solid state electromagnetic generator

Large focused emission mode

Delivered energy max 30 mJ/mm2

Adjustable in frequency up to 15Hz


Standard accessories:

Hand-piece with sequential electromagnetic coils

36 mm applicator


Gel 250 gr

Cleaning set of tools

Operating manual, power cord


On inquiry:

Trolley mod. lo STAR

Carrying case

Andro-urologic application with software and 12 mm applicator.



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