Elettronica Pagani Tower 2-stim & 4-stim

Tower 2 STIM

Capable to deliver all most useful low and mid frequency currents. Currents are delivered from 2 difefrent output channels where intensity could be adjusted separately, while a wide range of pre-set protocols with body pictures and memories are available for granting best versatility.

  • With 2 outputs (4 electrodes)
  • Tens & Biphasic
  • Diadynamics
  • Kotz
  • Denervated muscle stimulations
  • Crossover 4-pole & 2-pole application
  • Galvanic


Tower 4 STIM


A modern device for performing stimulating normo-innervated muscles, pain relief, drainage, improvement of muscular performances.

  • With 4 outputs (8 electrodes)
  • TENS
  • Biphasic
  • Galvanic


Technical features for both TOWER 2 STIM & 4 STIM


Color screen with Greek menu

Illustration of a disease by body area

Ready treatment protocols

Empty memory slots

Battery (optional)

Carrying bag (optional)

CE certification


* With a simple movement any TOWER device changes unit and converts to any other device in the TOWER series: 2-channel electrotherapy (model 2STIM), 4-channel electrotherapy (model 4STIM), Ultrasound 1 & 3 MHz ( model SOUND), Magnetotherapy (model MAG), Laser (model LIGHT), Tecar (model TRC).

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