Elettronica Pagani Tower Light Laser

Provided with high intensity up to 1.200 mW over the patient and 1600 mW on the source, continuous and pulsed modes, TOWER LIGHT is allowing to treat with effective every pathology with safety.

Trigger points and manual applications, TOWER LIGHT is widely used for doing laser applications for all useful pathologies.


Easy to use, handling, safe and effectives, TOWER LIGHT, despite its compact size, is a very effective device, capable to deliver high energy density in a very short time.


Technical features:

Laser Class 4

Source power: 1600 mW

Effective power on patient: 1200 Mw

Power supply:   115 – 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Frequency: 1 – 250 Hz

Laser source: 808 nm

Power at the source: 1,6 W

Pre-set programs with body pictures: As standard

Pointer: Soft touches

Free memories: As standard

Protective goggles: One, as standard

Continuous and pulsed emission

Display:  Coloured, 4.3”


Protective goggles

Pre-set programs

Free memories


On inquiry:

Second pair of protective goggles

Carrying case

Rechargeable battery inside

Roland/HC trolley.


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