Elettronica Pagani Tower Mag

TOWER MAG is a low frequency magnetic field generator provided with 2 outputs. Low frequency magnetic fields are applied for performing treatments onto the pathologies belonging to muscles and bone. It makes faster healing process, improve better physiological conditions over bone and cartilaginous tissues, without any special collateral effects. TOWER MAG is provided with 2 applicators, that the operator may use together or separately. Peak power of each applicator is 100 Gauss and frequency could be adjusted from 1 to 200 Hz.


Technical features

Peak power 100 Gauss,

Max. on patient 50 output Gauss

Continuous and modulated emission

Frequency: 1 to 200 Hz

2 outputs

4.3” display

Pre-set programs

Free memories


On inquiry:

Carrying case

Rechargeable battery inside.


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