Elettronica Pagani X5EU

R2 X5EU includes all special features belonging to the most modern therapeutic generators for electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy. X5EU is the most versatile combined device for electrotherapy and ultrasound. 1 & 3 MHz multifrequency ultrasound therapy is combined to the universal electrotherapy device, capable to perform every useful current alone or also combined to the ultrasound waves.

The universal electrotherapy generator is provided with two outputs. X5EU allows the operator to set every pathology whit all the widest range of parameters, over the Windows CE platform; also, the operator may use a lot of pre-set protocols with the relevant pictures, for placing correctly the relevant electrodes and/or ultrasound head.

Combination of the two available generators, ultrasound and electrotherapy, also grants more therapeutic benefits, due to the sum of the combined effects into the same time.


Technical features:


Ultrasound therapy

Frequency: 1-3 MHz

Emission: continuous and pulsed (from 20 to 80%)

Modulation: 1 to 200 Hz

5cm2 multifrequency head for single and combined use

Timer max. 30 min

Intensity max: 3 W cm2

Real-time attesting no-coupling between patient’s tissue and us head



Outputs: n. 2

Intensity max.: 76,5 mA

Low frequency: Galvanic, interrupted galvanic, diadynamics (50-100 Hz, CP, LP, 50 and 100 Hz interrupted), rectangular, exponential, triangular, Biphasic, Trabert, Faradics, drainage current.



Mid frequency: 2,0 KHz to 20 KHz

IF bipolar, IF quadripolar, IF isoplanar, IF vectorial, MF of stimulation, Kotz, IF horizontal

Graphic and colored LCD with touch-screen

Pre-set programs with body pictures

Free memories

Therapeutic objective


On inquiry:

HV current

Trolley with or without drawers

1 cm2 1-3 MHz head

1 MHz 8 cm large head with strap for static and underwater treatments

Connector combining electrotherapy to ultrasound therapy.


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