Enraf – Nonius Manumed Basic

The basic high-quality couch for examination and treatment, with a fixed working height of 80 cm and simple adjustment of sections. Available in two variants, with the 2-sectional head section design having a negative angle to facilitate massage and manipulation and a nose hole, and the 2-sectional with back section without negative angle and nose hole.



A matching Enraf-Nonius couch for every interior. As in other practices, a pleasant ambience is important in physiotherapy practices. Clients must feel comfortable in the room where they are being treated. As each practice is furnished differently and has its own colour scheme, we regard it as important for the treatment couches to fit in with your look and feel. That is why we can manufacture our treatment couches in several frame and upholstery colours. Our imitation leather upholstery contains no phthalates and is flame retardant – a unique combination that makes this material suitable for medical use!



Size tabletop (lxw): 195×67 cm

Fixed height: 80cm (head section), 83cm (back section)

Weight capacity: 135 kg

Upholstery: Available in different colours

Foam density: 38 Kg/m3

Frame colour: grey


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