Enraf – Nonius Manumed Traction

For the application of lumbar and cervical traction therapy there is the Manumed Traction couch. The roller-mounted surface prevents friction below the hips and legs, so that the full traction force set is actually applied in the vertebral treatment. The Manumed Traction is available in two variants: with a fixed or adjustable working height. The variable-height traction couch also doubles as an ideal treatment couch, because the rolling sections can be locked in place.



Rolling surfaces (can be locked in place)

With mountings for the traction frame

Fixation rails for belts come standard

For use as a traction as well as a regular treatment couch

Available in electric or hydraulic version



A matching Enraf-Nonius couch for every interior. As in other practices, a pleasant ambience is important in physiotherapy practices. Clients must feel comfortable in the room where they are being treated. As each practice is furnished differently and has its own colour scheme, we regard it as important for the treatment couches to fit in with your look and feel. That is why we can manufacture our treatment couches in several frame and upholstery colours. Our imitation leather upholstery contains no phthalates and is flame retardant – a unique combination that makes this material suitable for medical use!


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for electric/hydraulic

Size tabletop (lxw): 203 x 67 cm

Height adjustment: 45-95 cm

Lifting time (min.-max.): 18 sec.

Lifting capacity: 200 kg (electrical motor optional 250 kg)

Power supply: 120/230VAC 50/60 Hz

Current consumption: 2.0 A max.



Size tabletop (lxw): 195 x 67 cm

Height: 83 cm

Weight capacity: 150 kg




Whether it concerns the treatment of a hernia, degenerative discopathy, or a pinched nerve, spinal decompression provides a solution for prolonged symptoms of pain. Spinal decompression can be achieved in a variety of ways, but traction is one of the easiest and most effective methods. Traction therapy influences the pressure between the vertebrae. Because of the pressure decrease during traction, a mechanical effect on the nerves is generated and a biophysical effect on the circulation and oxygen supply to the local structures occurs. This can result in immediate pain relief, but also in a structural improvement in the long run.

The Eltrac 471 is your perfect assistant for traction therapy. The reliable Eltrac 471 has helped many patients for decades on end. This Eltrac 471 has now been improved. The Eltrac 471 is accurate, easyto-use, real-time and safe!



The new Eltrac is precise. The forces are exercised on the patient with ultimate precision. The tractive effort in the cord of the Eltrac 471 is constantly measured during traction. The control of the Eltrac compares the measured value to the set value. Any deviations are immediately corrected.

In traction therapy, not only accurate force is important, but also the speed with which the force increases or decreases is very essential.

Other devices in the market can only give an indication of the speed. Speed is only estimated or expressed as a percentage of the motor capacity or a speed ratio. With the Eltrac 471 you can accurately set the motor speed (N/sec.), and the device will deliver just that. It will calculate precisely how long the treatment will take. And the full colour display will show exactly what you programmed and what is happening during treatment.



The new Eltrac 471 is extremely easy-to-use thanks to the touchscreen and the intuitive interface. A clear and well-organised menu will assist you in making therapeutic choices. All essential information will be displayed. Not only while adjusting the settings for the therapy, but also during the therapy itself.

Moreover, the treatment protocols can be saved as well. Every possible combination can be added to the protocol library, even protocols that combine static and intermittent traction in a single session, which was never possible until recently! Static traction alone is often too painful for the patient, particularly in the acute phase when traction can prove to be so effective. In such cases, combining static and intermittent traction in a single session may be the ideal solution.

And the new Eltrac 471 offers various forms to choose from in that respect, such as pro- and regressive, cyclic patterns or combinations of these.



What you see on the clear and informative display is exactly what is taking place. No averaging later on, but rather real-time. This allows you to monitor the forces actually exercised in the course of the therapy, not a summarised representation, but the actual course.

You can zoom and scroll through the visual representation of the treatment. This will also provide better insight into the course of the treatment session as a whole. You will be on top of what you need to know thanks to the real-time information.



The Eltrac 471 by Enraf-Nonius is the safe and responsible choice. Not only because Enraf-Nonius has been supplying physiotherapists with equipment as early on as 1925, but also because we develop treatment equipment with the most advanced technology. The traditional equipment for traction is mainly characterised by controlled traction forces. In addition to the controlled contraction force, the new Eltrac 471 also offers clear real-time feedback, the option to save protocols and the user-friendliness that modern technology renders possible. In addition to the option to save your individual protocols, the Eltrac is of course also equipped with preprogrammed clinical protocols (evidence based!). This makes it extremely easy to adjust the settings of the equipment.

Forces above 200 Newton may jeopardize safety when performing cervical traction. Therefore, the Eltrac 471 has a built-in warning indicating when a treatment includes forces above this treshold.



Form of therapy: Static, Intermittent, Pro- and Regressive, Cyclic

Traction force: 15 – 900 N / 1.5 – 90 kg / 3.4 – 202 Lbs

Traction force / base force hold time: 1 sec. – 1 hour (1 sec. intervals)

Repeats (intermittent and cyclic): 1 – 100

Steps hold time (pro- and regressive): 1 sec.- 5 min. (1 sec. intervals)

Steps (pro- and regressive): 1 – 25

Speed (change of traction force):

1 – 50 N/sec. (1 N intervals)

0.1 – 5.0 kg/sec.

0.2 – 11.2 Lbs/sec.

Treatment time: 1 sec. – 150 min.

Programmable favorites: 100+

Clinical protocols: Yes (3)

Sequential programming: Yes (up to 5 forms of therapy)

Safety control for traction force above: 200 N / 20 kg / 45.2 Lbs

Touch screen: 4.3 inch, full colour, capacitive

Mains voltage: 100 – 240 V (50/60 Hz)

Max. power consumption: 50 VA

Dimensions: 30 x 34 x 22 cm

Weight: 10 kg



Nylon cord 170 cm with carabine hook, for Eltrac 471

Fixing knobs, set of 4

Patient stop switch

Operating manual Eltrac 471 (CD-rom)

Information booklet Eltrac 471

Mains cable


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