Enraf Nonius STATUS™ PACK 100

HANDS-FREE ULTRASOUND:  Did you ever think how ideal it would be if you could conduct your ultrasound treatments without having to sit with the patient, moving the treatment head over the injured tissue? And wouldn’t it be great if you could really transmit ultrasound energy right there where you need it and only there!

This is no longer a dream, StatUS™ makes it possible! Not only is this treatment more beneficial to your patients, but it also saves you time in order to conduct other activities. Imagine the significant cost savings in the future! Developed by Enraf-Nonius in collaboration with international institutes, StatUS™ is a safe and effective treatment opportunity to apply therapeutic ultrasound without having to move the treatment head.

StatUS™ ultrasound is the latest development in therapy and treatment comfort. A fast and time-saving application. Do more in less time! No more time consuming treatment methods, but quick and easy. The Sonopuls 190 with the StatUS™ Pack 100 offers numerous advantages for both the therapist and the patient. Simply connect the StatUS™ Pack 100 to your Sonopuls 190 and you can immediately benefit from

Would you like to work with conventional treatment heads too? Even then there is a version that suits you! The StatUS™ Pack 100 can be connected to any of the Sonopuls devices from the 100 series that are equipped with either a large or small treatment head. Once connected, you simply choose if you want to use a conventional multifrequency treatment head (dynamic method) or the StatUS™ applicator (for hands-free ultrasound).


25 EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOLS: Provided with 25 evidence based treatment protocols for ultrasound treatment (and 52 protocols for StatUS™ treatment) including anatomical representations and clear guidelines for treatment. All protocols contain an extensive literature reference with cross references to every individual protocol.

PROGRAMMABLE: Besides the evidence based protocols you can store 20 protocols according to your own guidelines.

TOUCH SCREEN USER INTERFACE: Easy to use by means of a clear menu via a touch screen interface. Extremely intuitive and as easy as a state-of-the-art smart phone.

COMPACT AND STYLISH: An extremely compact device, small and lightweight for easy transportation. At the same time stylish and beautiful, a device that is worthwhile showing!

PROGRAMMED FOR SPEED:  Start the unit and it is ready for immediate use. No start-up delay! The menu structure is optimised to speed. In most cases you can start a pathology-specific treatment in just 3 steps! Easy, quick and simple.

CRYSTAL CLEAR TFT COLOUR SCREEN: A crystal clear and scratch resistant screen that allows full visibility of all parameters from all viewing angles.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The treatment head is made to fit your hand comfortably. A design completely based on functionality and user friendliness.

BY ENRAF-NONIUS: SAFE, RELIABLE AND DURABLE: An Enraf-Nonius device, the worldwide supplier of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. Made with special attention to quality, durability and safety.

2 TREATMENT HEADS POSSIBLE : You can connect both the small 0,8 cm2 as well as the large 5 cm2 ultrasound treatment head or the StatUS™ applicator in order to quickly change heads/applicator.

A TREATMENT HEAD WITH ADDED VALUE: An intelligent treatment head, packed with electronics and covered with a special coating making it smooth and comfortable to use and easy to clean.




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