Enraf Nonius StatUS Pack 400

StatUS ultrasound is a new revolutionary method of applying therapeutic ultrasound hands-free.

Although it is a static application method, StatUS™ therapy is safe and effective. StatUS™ therapy does not really differ from conventional ultrasound therapy. The differences are found in the application method. The StatUS™ Pack 400 incorporates an unique technology and special modulations.

The StatUS™ applicator is a multi-frequency ultrasound treatment head that is integrated in a vacuum cup. In just a few seconds the applicator can be attached to the body.


Non-liquid gelpad: A non-liquid gelpad ensures good transmission of the ultrasound energy. The gelpad is held in place with a fixing ring. The vacuum pressure creates a perfect seal between the body, the gelpad and the treatment head. The constant perpendicular position of the fixed StatUS™ applicator reduces dosage variations as in dynamic ultrasound applications. This enhances clinical effectiveness and patient safety.

Despite the stationary application hot spots will not occur during StatUS™ treatment, due to two innovative and intelligent forms of modulation: Amplitude Modulation and Duty Cycle Modulation. These (patented) forms of modulation ensure safe treatments without the peak intensities that can create hot spots.

Effective treatment: StatUS™ offers unprecedented advantages. StatUS™ therapy is the ideal and effective treatment method for musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders. With the Sonopuls 490 or 492 and Status™ Pack 400 from Enraf-Nonius you can work both thermally and a-thermally. The Sonopuls 490 and 492 with StatUS™ Pack 400 are also ideally suited for LIPUS applications.

StatUS™ therapy is relatively simple. The parameters for StatUS™ therapy can be selected quickly and easily via the touchscreen. To simplify the therapy options, a number of pre-programmed StatUS™-protocols are stored in the Sonopuls 490 and 492. These evidence based protocols provide you with clear treatment instructions while the treatment parameters are set automatically.

More efficient: StatUS™ does this work for you, without compromising efficiency and effectiveness. StatUS™ makes your job faster, more targeted and more efficient.

Hands-free ultrasound: The Sonopuls 490 and 492 with StatUS™ Pack 400 offer the possibility of HANDS-FREE ULTRASOUND. A fast and time-saving application. Do more in less time! As StatUS™ is a hands-free therapy, the therapist has valuable extra time during treatment. The therapist does not have to hold the head, StatUS™ is ideally suited for long(er) treatments. A StatUS™-treatment is physically less demanding. Increased comfort for both the patient and the therapist.

Fast and easy : StatUS™-therapy is instantly available and easy to set up. Non-liquid gelpads. No more gel residues. Easy to clean. Efficient energy transmission.

Safe : Special modulation forms ensure that undesired intensity peaks in the ultrasound bundle are considerably reduced. The chance of cavitation is reduced and the occurrence of hotspots is counter-acted.

Efficient: The treatment head is always at the right angle. The special gelpad follows the body’s contours. This combination ensures an even and constant transfer of energy along the whole surface of the head.

Effective: The set treatment time is also the effective treatment time. The set capacity is effectively transferred to the appropriate tissue.

52 Evidence based StatUS™ protocols: The Sonopuls 490 and 492 with StatUS pack offer a full library with 52 evidence based protocols. Just with a few clicks you will get all information and the proper settings for the pathology selected.

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