Enraf – Nonius Tecarpuls

The TECARPULS is a special device for CET therapy (Capacitive Energy Transfer), a non-invasive treatment that awakens the body’s natural ability to self-regenerate, using a frequency of 500 kHz. The TECARPULS produces “deep heating” in a controlled manner using electromagnetic energy (diathermy).

The reactions produced by the TECARPULS through capacitive electrodes are focused on soft tissues, muscles and peri-articular structures. The transfer of energy generates optimal, local deep heat, which immediately increases local circulation, reduces pain, improves elasticity and therefore improves mobility. The main advantage is that it significantly shortens recovery time in the event of acute and chronic injuries.

TECAR therapy has been used with great success since 1988. Several clinical reports from research institutes worldwide have proven its remarkable effect on various injuries as seen in dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine. The localized induction of deep heat in the treated area causes an expansion of blood vessels, an increase in blood flow and an increase in metabolic rate.

It also leads to higher elasticity in soft connective tissues improving flexibility. In addition, the localized warming lowers muscle tone. Stimulation of the thick nerve fibres provides increased nerve conduction velocity, giving the patient a clear advantage with regard to pain relief when starting rehabilitation.

The physiological responses are mainly attributed to heat output, which is directly related to total power output. Heat, as applied through diathermy, is a common treatment during a physical therapy treatment regimen.

  • Safe and effective solution for “deep heat” diathermy
  • Monofrequency 500kHz CET system (Capacitive Energy Transfer)
  • Handpiece with Energy Control System for accurate and convenient adjustment of power
  • Two electrodes (Ø23mm and 30mm) with fast-click system
  • No comprehensive accessory package required
  • Colour touch screen
  • Quick Access Menus for fast setup and start of therapy
  • Indication-based library (pathology library) with easy-to-use predefined treatment protocols


Technical specifications:

Mains voltage: 100-240 Volt ~

Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz

Max. power consumption: 144 VA

Medical device classification: IIa (according to MDD 93/42/EEC)

Safety class: I type BF, according to IEC 60601-1

Patient leakage current: better than IEC-req. (IEC≤ 100 µA)

Security Tests: CE-MDD

Dimensions: 302x300x126,5 mm (lxwxh)

Weight: 4.3 kg

Fuses: 2xT 2.5A H 250Vu


Standard accessories:

Treatment electrode, Ø 30mm

Treatment electrode, Ø 23mm

Blank earth electrode rod

Silicone block

Complete remote handle

Electrode cable, black

Power Supply cable

Therapy Cream, bottle 1ltr.


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