Functional Human Hip Joint Model with Ligaments & Marked Cartilage

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This high-quality functional hip joint model with ligaments shows the anatomy and possible physiological movements of the human hip joint in exceptional detail. This mode clearly demonstrates abduction, anteversion, retroversion, internal and external rotation.
The color of the natural-cast bones is extremely realistic . The cartilage on the hip joint surfaces is marked blue. The functional hip joint consists of portion of the femur and the right half of a pelvis. Mounted on a base for easy display in the classroom or doctors office.
Every original 3B Scientific® Anatomy Model gives you direct access to its digital twin on your smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

Enjoy using the exclusive virtual anatomy content with the following features:

Freely rotate your digital model and zoom in and out
Display hotspots and their anatomical structures
Augmented Reality (AR) feature starts your virtual anatomy model
Anatomy Quiz function to test and improve your anatomical knowledge with instant results and final score evaluation
Drawing function that allows image customization with save and share function
Useful Notes function to help you with your personal learning
Possibility to learn both male and female anatomy
Easy access to 3D content both online and offline
Available in 11 languages

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