G3 XFT-2001D

Since the first wearable FES Foot Drop System was launched by XFT in 2009, we have been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation and in-depth understanding of clinical application, and in 2014, XFT launched the 3rd generation of Foot Drop System which adopts several patents.

The following diseases that cause foot drop may benefit from XFT-2001D Drop System System:


Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury


Multiple Sclerosis




Stim Unit & Cuff

Advanced ergonomic design makes the electrode fit the leg muscles.

Ultra-thin design makes the device can be covered by trousers perfectly.

Magnetic clasp for one-handed operation.


Working Principle

XFT-2001D Foot Drop System adopts advanced MEMS sensor technology and intelligent algorithms, precisely controlling the time and duration of electrical stimulation by tracking the swing angle and pace of patient’s leg. XFT-2001D delivers electrical pulses to the common peroneal nerve as well as the tibialis anterior and other muscles to make the movement dorsiflexion and eversion. Those mild electrical pulses stimulate patient’s leg muscle, making them lift the foot at an appropriate phase while walking and therefore enabling patient to walk more steadily, naturally and safely.


How to use the G3 Foot Drop System?

  1. Wear the Cuff on the leg below the knee, and keep the yellow mark aligned with the tibia.
  2. Turn on the Stim Unit and Remote Control, select “Gait” or “Training” mode by the Remote Control, and start by pressing the Play/Pause button.


Two Training Modes

Training Mode: for patient who is unable to do active training, transiting from passive training to walking training. You can choose this mode for muscle training when sitting or lying. The purpose of such mode is to accelerate muscle recovery, retard atrophy of the injured leg, keep and improve the ankle’s range of motion, and enhance local blood circulation as well. Under the training mode, it operates cyclically according to the preset program.

Gait Mode: stimulate while walking, restore neurological motor function. This mode helps you walk with normal gait when you want to walk, stimulate while walking, and repeated training will leave traces on cerebral cortex, meanwhile, it feeds back to central nervous system, restoring cerebrum neurological motor function.


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