Go To Advanced headrest with floorsitter

The lightweight, portable seat that promotes the participation and inclusion of children in daily life. Families around the world use GoTo seats in different places: in supermarket strollers, on the beach, or at friends’ birthday parties, on swings or in dining chairs for lunch. GoTo makes your daily routine much easier and keeps your child involved. And now, this popular support seat comes with dozens of improvements and additional features following advice from parents who have used it as well as therapists. The new GoTo has improved lateral support and an optional additional headrest for even more head support where needed as well as an optional floor-standing accessory that allows tilting at two different angles. The GoTo Seat has also been approved by a number of airlines including: Jet2, Easyjet, Ryan Air, Air Canada and Thompson. Choose the simple headrest for simple, anatomical support or the additional headrest for children who need more head support. The height-adjustable sides allow you to reposition the GoTo as your child gets older. Seat base to top of headrest: 520-680mm, Lateral support widthQ: 210-300mm, Seat depth: 244mm, Max. Weight: 35kg.

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