What is Indego Therapy?

Indego Therapy is a lower limb powered exoskeleton which enables therapists to offer task specific and intensive gait training. Sophisticated motors in the knee and hip joints, combined with advanced sensors and control strategies, allow individuals with weakness or paralysis in their lower extremities to stand and walk again.

How is Indego Therapy used?

Indego is used in rehabilitation centers as a therapy tool to offer task-specific, over-ground gait training on a variety of surfaces. Indego allows for fast set up time and efficient therapy sessions. Indego Therapy also allows therapists to make sizing adjustments while the user is standing in the device. These features of Indego Therapy allow therapists to challenge their patients effectively, and to potentially achieve a more intense training session with less physical exertion on the part of the therapist.

What makes Indego unique?

Indego offers an unmatched set of features intended to facilitate usability and individualized gait therapy:

-Versatile Software Suites

-Every Indego Therapy comes with Motion+ Software to treat patients with more severe or complete injuries and Therapy+ Software for patients with partial and mild impairments.

Modular Design

Indego can be donned and doffed quickly because of its fivecomponent design, self-aligning connections, and single hand adjustment system.


At just 39 lb (17.7 kg), Indego Therapy is light, easy to handle, and allows for rapid set up, and easy transportion. It has no backpack or upper body components and can be worn while seated in a standard wheelchair.

Indego App

Indego’s iOS app allows real time control over gait training parameters such as stride length, step frequency, and step height. It also records walking data so therapists can easily quantify results.

Powering People Forward

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Indego for use in rehabilitation centersIndego Therapy is an adjustable lower-limb exoskeleton that enables therapists to deliver task-specific gait training for stroke and spinal cord injury patients.


-Physical therapy tool

-Over-ground gait rehabilitation

-Complete/Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

-Partial mobility-impaired populations (primarily stroke)


Indego Therapy+

Therapy+ is designed to provide effective gait therapy for patients with lower extremity weakness, such as partially impaired stroke survivors. Patients are required to initiate leg movement and Indego supports when necessary while providing auditory, real-time feedback.


Gravity Reduction Gravity Reduction

Using the Gravity Reduction mode, clinicians can reduce the weight of a patient’s leg, allowing him or her to move their limb more easily and effectively throughout the gait cycle.

Stance Support Stance Support

Adjustable stance support settings allow clinicians to influence a patient’s stance phase during walking. Whether the patient tends to buckle or hyperextend their knee, the Indego stance support settings can be adjusted to meet each person’s unique stance goals.


Active Swing Active Swing

Active Swing mode allows patients to practice and learn a more physiological gait pattern. Clinicians are empowered to constantly apply the principles of motor learning by providing individualized assistance to a patient at their hip and knee during the swing phase of their gait.


Auditory Feedback Auditory Feedback

Clinicians can set goals for step length in order to encourage a more symmetric gait pattern. Once the goals have been established, patients receive real-time auditory feedback on their performance, empowering them to recognize incorrect gait patterns and correct and improve their performance.


Indego Motion+

Motion+ allows clinicians to practice task-specific gait therapy with patients through a predictable, guided gait pattern. Powerful motors in the hip and knee, customizable within the Indego app, enable patients with little to no gait function to stand and walk with postural controls. The patient leans forward to initiate movement, and Indego responds accordingly.


Pre-gait Training Pre-gait Training

Selecting pre-gait allows clinicians to work with patients during a variety of therapeutic activities. Core strengthening, stepping forward/backward and balance work can be offered while the patient is safely supported by the Indego.


Vibratory Feedback Vibratory Feedback

Vibration provided at the hip delivers variable levels of tactile feedback throughout all phases of standing and walking. This feature lets patients and clinicians know what Indego is about to do and prompts their response, ensuring safe and effective gait training.


Full and Variable Assist Full and Variable Assist

In Full Assist mode, 100 percent support is provided to the right and left hip and knee joints, enabling users (up to 250lbs/113kg) without lower extremity motor or sensory function to stand and walk. Posture-based controls provide an intuitive “lean forward, walk forward” experience. In Variable Assist mode, clinicians can select the amount of support independently at each hip or knee, allowing them to tailor the therapy session based on their goals for the patient.


Advanced Gait Advanced Gait

Advanced Gait is specifically designed to provide faster weight shifting and step transitions for patients who are ready to achieve a higher gait speed. This mode enables a more fluid and continuous gait.



Indego in the home and in the communityIndego Personal is a custom fit lower-limb exoskeleton that provides individuals with spinal cord injury increased mobility and functional independence at home and in the community.

-Personal Use

-Upright mobility

-Facilitate the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

-Partial alternative or companion device to their wheelchair.


Technical Data

Power Rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a day of clinical use

Maximum Assembled device: 17.7 kg

Sizes: Hip width range: 34 – 42.2 cm,  Upper leg length range: 37 – 49 cm, Lower leg length range: 42 – 55 cm

Interface: User feedback provided by vibration and color changing LEDs, view and modify device settings via Indego app over Bluetooth connection

Patient Requirements Height range: 155 – 191 cm, Maximum weight: 113 kg, Maximum hip width: 42.2 cm, Femur length: 35 – 47 cm, Spasticity score: Modified Ashworth score 3 or lower, Sufficient upper body strength to balance and advance with forearm crutches,front-wheeled walker or platform walker. For complete and incomplete spinal cord injured individuals C7 or below and individuals with hemiplegia (with motor function of 4/5 in at least one upper extremity) due to cerebrovascular accident (CVA) in the U.S.  For individuals with lower limb weakness or paralysis in Europe.

Operating Conditions: Temperature range: 0° – 40° C, Relative humidity: 30% – 75%

Indego Therapy Includes:

-Adjustable hip unit with air-foam chambers for customizable fit

-One pair of adjustable upper legs

-Three pairs of adjustable lower legs (sized small/medium/large)

-Indego app on Apple iPod Touch/handheld controller

-Quick adjustment tool

– Stability aids (rolling walker with platform attachment and forearm crutches).

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