Kinetec prima advance

Lightweight, easy to use knee CPM with simple controls.


The easiest to use and most intuitive knee CPM device on the market. Very simple controls for the patient and therapist. Simple click button stop/go hand held switch. The simple analogue controls allow adjustment of flexion, extension and speed. This Prima Advance comes with wipe clean PU pads to support the foot, calf and thigh.


Ease of use

Remarkable dimensions

Extremely lightweight

ROM from -5° to 115°


Patient friendly

With simple and straightforward adjustments (angular limits, speed and patient sizing), the KINETEC PRIMA ADVANCETM is the most intuitive and easy to use device on the market making. It the first choice for elderly people and patients with a visual impairment.

Great range of motion

Its wide range of motion going from -5° of hyperextension to 115° of flexion allows treatment of most knee & hip pathologies.

Remarkable dimensions & weight

Its 94 cm (37 inch) length will facilitate set ups in hospital beds or at patients’ homes as well as easing its storage. The 11 kg (24 pound) KINETEC PRIMA ADVANCETM is ideal for frequent handling in hospitals as well as the home environment.


Technical specification

The anatomically correct system increases the comfort of the patient and decreases the points of pressure. – Panel of adjustments with protective cover avoiding bad handling.

Simple and direct adjustments of flexion, extension and speed limits.

Start/Stop and reverse always accessible.

Load reverse ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint.

Internally contained medical grade transformer eliminates handling extra components.

2-year full warranty.

Type BF class II electrical device.

Long-life DC motor and screw-drive mechanism for years of reliable performance.

ROM: Knee: -5° to 115°, Hip: 75° to 10°.

Foot positioning: Plantar flexion: 40°, Dorsal flexion: 30°

Speed: 40° to 145° per minute.

Weight: 11 kg.

Size of the device: Length 95cm, width 33cm, Height 33cm.

Patient sizing

Full patient: 145 to 195 cm

Full leg: 71 to 99 cm

Tibia: 38 to 53 cm

Femur: 33 to 46 cm

User weight: 135 kg


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